Do you ever forget helpful things about your fellow players & friends that you wish you could quickly jot an electronic note right at the table?

It would be extremely helpful to your players (well me and perhaps others) while playing at a table, if I could right click on another’s players name and a dialog box opens that allows me to make notes about the player. You actually almost have it in your feature of rt clicking to see players rank etc.

This “note taking” feature is available on Poker Stars. It’s very helpful to assist with remembering various things about my fellow players style of play for example, they share their name and you want to remember just examples…you simply jot a quick note and close the dialog box.

A small envelope or some such symbol stays attached to that players screen name it’s only visible to me and its only removable and or updated by me. It was without a doubt one of the best and most helpful features of Poker Stars.

Thanks for the suggestion chickylalal, I agree that it’s a very useful feature. In fact we are planning on adding it, but perhaps we can push it forward so you don’t have to wait too long!


Thanks Paul…I keep trying to do it anyway (habit) and get frustrated when I can’t!



Profiling should not be allowed!!!

Get it on. Defo need a note taking function. Its absolutely critical to online poker - and you always are playing people you have played before on Replay

For now you can keep notes via the profile page on the website, soon we’ll roll these notes out to the actual game table to make it easier to add and view notes.