Did not understand how to take notes on players

did not understand how to take notes on players

Go to other player profile, say

http://www.replaypoker.com/profile/avbranco Then



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all that and having to leave the table is

too much trouble. and viewing to see what I wrote on profile would disturb my game… very poor

Perhaps RP could make a softwear in joint with Microsoft Xbox Kinect and some speach recognition program , than you can just wink, speak up and your note added auto to the profile you wish. Also, I like to have my coffe in my bed when I wink both eye.

I agree with julieann, notification should be possible on the table, this is almost useless… … but the answer is a top ! :slight_smile:

I may see what RP will say, the mini profile is crowded , put it on the table would slow down the play. I dont think this future for use all the time, I think thet meant for some, who want make note on players they regularly play with. Especial when “friend list” have to be accepted. Say “sarkozi love flowers, send some on hes birthday , feb31.” :slight_smile: I dont think thet meant make a 5000 note a day…

julieann/sarkozi, I agree with you both. Our plan it to roll out player notes in staging. First allow players to start making notes off the table (as this is easier for us to set-up), then start allowing note taking and reading from the table itself. It’s the obvious way to go. So, don’t worry, it’s coming… =)

Paul, thats sounds lucidly . Mars, thanks for the gift :wink:

One more thread its containing similar requests, these comments better there, so I created a new topic to continue the discussion and will move there all on topic vote for this idea and the players can follow or comments more easy. ( This idea planned ) Sorry, Thank you! Please reference the new topic here: Player n table

tried this for player i was playing with. it said player not found real jerk too dont want to go to same table so whats up

I hate to beat you guys up about this but i definitely think that the notes feature should be available by right clicking the player or as a tab in the chat window.

It seems very odd that you should have to leave the client and go to the players’ profile to add a note about them. Also, these notes should be available when you are playing so that should you see that player again you can see what you previously said about them.

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Good news! We’re almost ready to launch player notes at the table. Keep an eye out for it in the coming weeks :stuck_out_tongue:

Brill! Will that allow us to assign colours to the players that we take notes on? Will we be able to see those colours in the lobby?

Right now, no. Although we do plan to be able to assign either a color, or a number of dots, or both, perhaps. Still to be decided, but you’ll have to wait for the HTML5 client for that (some time next year). But you will be able to see clearly who you’ve written notes about at the table, and of course make notes about anyone without leaving the table.

Thanks MrReplay

That is a great idea, how much data will notes take, I keep a lot. and is there a way to copy, save or E-mail. It would also be nice to have, at least one other icon for the Bingo players no notes needed.Curious what is the average years of the players that has been playing on this site excluding those that come and go. This is a great site and i had no idea it had been around for such a long time.

Glad you’re enjoying it Xtimm, we’ve certainly been around a lot longer than most people think - more than 10 years. Of course the site has changed a lot in that time, and really in the last few years we’ve made a lot of progress. There’s still a lot more we want to do. Poker is a beautiful game and the world deserves a beautiful poker site, and I don’t just mean how it looks, but how it plays, and how the players are respected.

As for the average years, to be honest I have no ideas, although I’m sure the dev team could crunch the numbers. I do know however that we still have some players playing who have been around since 2005 :smiley: