Decide to Play, Raise Preflop

Here’s an example where I decided to play the hand from the SB, my mistake was not raising preflop in order to hopefully get limpers to fold.
Somehow this player called my post flop check raise, eventually this is what happened. It’s the sort of thing you have to shake off and realize it’s just free chips. Certainly wouldn’t have went this way for real money.Hand #1064502306 - Replay Poker


Based on the way your opponent played the rest of the hand, I think they would have called a pre flop raise too. They called a bet and then a reraise with a gutshot and a backdoor flush draw on the flop, seems like they made up their mind to play it out since they had you covered. Only an evil runout saved them. Not much you can do when that happens. You got the max into the pot with by far the best hand, all you can ask for.


IMO you should have never called anything with that hand, in the event I was really running well and called with that hand, I would have pushed when I hit it, making them think I hit a set or straight on the flop, that should or would more than likely get the gut shot draw to fold, the check raise cost you control, but on a free poker site things do not always go as planned.

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I don’t believe raising preflop would have helped the eventual winner to fold at any point, Seems like the player was going to at least stay in game regardless. I believe, the cards in your hand & board didn’t warrant any raising as they could be beat in 2 other ways. Higher straight or flush. But as you said, my friend why not take a chance in a free chip game:) GL at the tables

I appreciate the replies! That hand got me on tilt so bad I had to post about it, lol.
For what it’s worth, I have seen that player around a bit lately in tourneys, generally folds pretty easily, that’s why I think the player probably would have folded if I had raised preflop.
I get limping in with 84s, sort of lol, perhaps the player had some sort of inkling about that hand.
My policy is increasingly becoming either fold or raise preflop, in general.
It’s free chips so like one of my friends often says at the tables, “Enjoy the magic”.