Preflop Anticipation - Value of Elite Experience

Here’s a great hand demonstrating the value of properly sensing an opponent’s weakness preflop and then capitalizing on eagerness post flop. High level stuff here. Combining high level experience, pattern recognition and playing with hear is the key to success in poker. Hope this one helps some beginners see what’s possible with discipline and experience in this great game!


Well done Star. A masterful stroke. wow, just plain WOWWWW.
You are here 2 years and have managed to lose 64.32145% of the free chips you were given. You be “Hell uv a Good” at losing chips. I recommend you start posting here.
Advanced Techniques for Losing Chips

P.s. I would like to take this opportunity to appologise to Yorunoame for bringing their thread to dis-repute. I shall henceforth, for the rest of the evening, drink my single malt without ice as punishment…


You may want to re-read your OP and replay the hand.

1.) “… the value of properly sensing an opponent’s weakness preflop …” – he had a pocket pair although a low pair.

2.) “… then capitalizing on eagerness post flop …” – what do you think he should’ve done since you checked the flop.

3.) your post flop re-raise should’ve been a warning sign that you had paired up since I usually don’t like check raisers. And, I would’ve doubted you had paired the 6 on the flop.

4.) But, I do like the 479 chip raise on the turn when he had 480 chips remaining.

No analysis of the hand or strategy, just an insult? Thought the community was for hand analysis and strategy discussion. Kind of embarassing.

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The low pair was gonna get him in trouble on a situational flop and trap him into sticking with a hand that was no longer good. Frankly not much he could do - he really was trapped with that unfortunate pocket pair and just didn’t really have the experience to play it right in that situation. After the flop, gotta know you’re in trouble there, given the range. Experience allows someone to sniff that check out. Post flop re-raise means time to shut down. OP nails it. Hand is really a model for similar situations faced by the younger crowd.

Starbuck, That was truly amazing, you are redefining how the game should be played and pushing the boundaries of elite poker.

dont listen to those A Holes, they are donkeys themselves. They are a failure so they feel the need to belittle a player that seems easy picking.

just remember these words a real crusher will never pick on another player.