Flopped straight on a flush board

Just a hair over breakeven at a 6-seated table with an empty chair, I’m the 3rd or 4th stack, one player has 2000, the players higher than me are about 5300, 6000, 8000, and I have a bit over 5000.

I folded 86, then flopped 579, but it was suited against me. If I’d played here, what should I have done?


I’m on a mobile device, so I can’t see the replay. What position are you in? In your hypothetical situation, what does the preflop action look like? After the flop, was it checked to you? You mentioned stack sizes in terms of chips, but what about in terms of blinds? Is this a cash/ring game, or a tournament?

I folded my 86 pre, wasn’t in the hand. But the situation I’m asking assumes that I limp in, and hit the straight on a flush board. The entire table limped, four to the flop. I would have been in the middle seat, two in front of the button, with the SB and BB ahead of me.

First I wouldn’t limp. Second if I played 86 it would be suited. Third I wouldn’t play 86 suited if the table is loose passive and seeing a lot of flops.

In you’re thought experiment, had you limped. When it x to you I’d be betting aroung 80% of pot and never folding to a raise. If you get called shove all non spade turns and x/ fold all spades.

If someone flopped a flush then it’s just your turn to die.


It’s never not my turn to die.

(I would have won this hand though; winner had a pair of 9s, 3 kicker.)