CONTEST - What's your favorite starting hand?

This month, we’re curious – what’s your favorite starting hand, and why do you like it?

AA gives you the strongest pre-flop odds, but there are plenty of other cards that’ll give you an advantage if you know how to play them. What are your thoughts? Is suited A-K your king? Or has 7-7 been lucky for you?

Share your answers in this thread for a chance to win 100,000 chips!

Five winners will be drawn on Tuesday, April 27th. To enter, simply post your answer in this thread! :writing_hand:


My favorite starting hand A Q. No reason, just like it.

6-8 suited If it hits, it’s well disguised.


8 and ten of spades. It seems like always end up with trips or a flush. thanks Rosie

7-10 suited - lots of straight and straight flush / flush chances

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9 9 is my lucky hand come up 7/10 times always

I love when I get pocket Jacks, I feel like those dudes are my friends who I like but don’t get the chance to hang out with much anymore, always nice run into them from time to time

My favorite hand is 77 comes up alot.


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Ace 2. I even have smalltalk with it if it comes up.

My Favorite Hand Is A Flush Ace High


my favorite hand is a pair of 2’s…if it hits its well disguised

AA of course is great but def can be beat. Love suited connectors for the possible str8 or flush, but no chase if not on flop.

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HANDS DOWN AK … Anyone that knows me, knows I do this - PRE FLOP it all in…it doesn’t owe me much…

A 10 suited idk why i love this hand

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5and8 suited no real reason,just have won big pots on it many times. LOL

Either Q-J suited or J-T suited but only from late position. If you hit top pair without over-cards, it’s often good, and if you hit the straight or flush…

it’s a fold hand, cuz it’s pretty tressfull to start

A 8 dead man’s hand

hª$ ߀ ا

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