CONTEST - What's your unlucky hand?

We recently asked what your favorite starting hand is, but what’s on the other side of the coin?

Tell us – what starting cards do you often LOSE with? We all know which hands have worse odds, but is there one that’s been particularly unlucky for you? JJ get you down, or is suited 8-9 cursed?

Let us know for a chance to win 100,000 chips!

We’ll be drawing five random usernames on Tuesday, July 27th. If we hit 200 unique replies again, we’ll bump that up to ten winners!

Share those unlucky hands here!


I hate both JJ and 9-8s–but I hate TT even worse. It LOOKS so pretty and costs SO MUCH when you chase it.

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AA i lose my shirt


5 - 10

King Jack scares me…

As a modern man of science, I don’t believe in such nonsense as “unlucky hands” because I know that the universe loves me and wants me to be happy.


The Jack Jack attack.

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all of them



Pocket kings are a real nuisance.

AA hate them but always try to win just in case the flop is being kind. I loose 60% of the time but it’s often to someone with 2 pairs. Royal the odds are worse for me. :slight_smile:

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queen and jack

A J i always bet it but i always lose it too.

At the moment … All of them.

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Pair 2’s I rarely get 3rd one on the flop

AK is the hand I seem to play wrong most of the time. I’m getting more confident the more I play and I really like seeing AK, but I have an unlimited capacity to screw it up and not let go when I’m clearly beat.

I think they are all equally unlucky but some are more difficult to play than others.

I hate playing mid suited connectors - 78s- JQs … they’re an automatic raise against most players but the flop is nearly always unkind. Maybe a pair or even 2 pair but who called your raise? You are nearly always beat but you have to play for the straight or straight flush (lucky you!)


Q 2 ,4,5,6 doesnt like me.

Big Dawg - K9 all suit combinations

anyone i dont win