The dreaded 2-7 off suit

First hand up in a 9 seat S&G got killer hole cards. Went big, as luck would have it, wound up with 30 chips left in my stack. 2nd hand I was big blind, needed a hand or I was out. Wouldn’t you know it? I was all in with a 2-7 off suit. Waved a chicken over my head, prayed to the poker Gods, and the flop produced a 2. Turn, meh…river a 7. Yup…first time ever to go all in on 2-7 and pulled it off. Now my stack was up to 90 chips.

Next hand pulled pocket Kings. Went all in, sucked in 2 players and got up to 270. Managed to fernagle my way up close to 1k stack before it all came tumbling down. I could hear the poker Gods pointing and laughing.

Meh…was fun while it lasted. :wink:

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Time to wind down and not buy anymore.
With AK suited we gave a big preflop and had one caller. Flop was AK7. Big reraise by us had same caller. Turn was 2. All in was called by same opponent. River was 2. Opponent had 72 off. Too suspicious to credit.

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Yeah…I too have a love/hate relationship with the river as she can be a cruel mistress. I can honestly attest that probably 50% of my losses can be attributed to a river draw. And to be beat out as you were with such an excellent flop can be soul crushing.

Hang in there bud. Karma will get that guy. Hopefully you will be there to bid him a fond fair well when he bets on his crap hand and loses his stack.