Anyone folding here?

I was looking at my best hands, and came across this:
# Hand #515011310
So, I’m putting myself in my opponent’s seat, wondering if I have the discipline to fold here, and how much the double stack size would play into the decision.
Would you walk away from the King high straight flush?

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Nope, you would have my chips as well:) Two Great hands though!!

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No ones going anywhere with them hands.

Though if there were 3 or more players in the hand you could have a hard time calling, thinking of your hand.

ridiculous post, eh? No one walks away from a sf. I’d been playing holdem for less than a year at the time, and pretty much telegraphed every street. We all know how the low end of an open ender often ends up. with the cards he could see, I’m either holding the nuts, or 8s-, which I probably wouldn’t bet all-in with four community spades, and two larger spades out. It all seems obvious, now, but were I to play my opponents hand this morning, still not folding K high sf.

I did play this morning, and three hands stood out. there was the preflop shove by AA, KK, and 72. the cowboys rode off into the sunset, and the rockets never got off the ground. I was just a spectator, but totally unsurprised. 72 is going straight to the top of my range, right after AA and KK. No, wait…

I folded J2o, and would have hit quad jacks. The odd thing about that hand was the three people throwing large amounts of chips into the pot. I used to think I had made a mistake on hands like that, like opening J2o is smart poker strategy, or something. Or is it?

The hand that reminded me of this post was my elimination hand. I knew in the depths of my soul that the card that gave me the nut flush, filled his boat, but I called anyway. Have I no will? Have I not played both sides of the hand many times? Doesn’t matter. It’s the number of people who shove 2 pair, weak flushes, or pretty much anything in that spot. Since that deep soulful feeling isn’t 100%, I think I come out chip positive, calling that one.
Well, there is that.

The sf should be a trivial fold really. You have a lot of combos with the ace, and zero bluffs. I don’t think it would be a question if your opponent was holding the K and a sf was not possible, and this is actually the exact same situation. This is the perfect illustration that absolute hand strength doesn’t matter, only relative hand strength does.
That’s a mistake I keep making myself, and I’m sure I would have paid to see the royal if I had a sf, despite knowing better.

It would have depended on how you’ve been playing at the table. I watch a lot of hands go down and actually pay attention when someone is bluffing and gets called. Then notice how often they are doing it. If they are betting a certain amount and you can actually tell that they are betting because they know they have the winning hand…this helps when times like this come up. If you make bets like this when your bluffing, it can be hard to catch it and if so would probably have my chips too.

He had a great hand and could afford to call your shove. I would’ve done it, too.

It’s a rare hand, but it’s not a good hand when your facing an opponent that can only have a royal flush. What hands bet small on the flop and turn then 3x overbet jam the river except those that contain the ace of spades?
I would have called too, but that’s why I’m bad at poker, it doesn’t make the call good.

My profile says 2018 as the time I joined Replay, but that was basically finding the site, burning through the chips they gave me, then forgetting all about it. When I stumbled across Replay a year later, my experience was still a few games against bots, and watching final tables on T.V. No memory of Replay. When my first royal occured, I was still trying to understand ranges, pot odds, ect. and my game included none of the carefully composed web of lies that it does today. That why the betting was so straight foward.
@STR8-2-D-TOP I agree, but my lack of experience may have been an asset there.
@H4wk3y3z table image. another concept I was trying to wrap my head around, back then. There are times when I’m betting with conviction because I really do think I have the the best hand, then it’s “surrender your chair, kid, ya got no future”.
@PaperBoy73 ‘afford’ being the key word here. I let stack size affect my choices sometimes, but not sure if I should, as least as much as I do.
@lihiue rare because it’s a sf. on the straight side, I’ve often lost when I filled the low end, but someone else filled the top, and beat others that did the same, and I filled the top. On the flush side, with 4 of a suit on the board, and all i know about any others from that suit is that mine is low, probable fold.
I appreciate the feedback. I was hoping for remarks on hero calls and folds, and got some. Also, I hear the phrase “I couldn’t walk away from the hand”. That hand shouldn’t exist, but it does,
I think I get bluffed a lot, and have busted my share, but I guess wrong a fair amount, too. Fold, and you’re working with coins you might of had. guess wrong, and you lose coin that you actually processed. Plus, guess wrong too much and it’s game over.
Still, feels pretty good when you survive the onslaught, and drag the pot home.

Welcome back, @waidus. I think you’ll fit right in. It’s pretty fun. See you soon.