Connection problems

I keep getting disconnected from replay poker. My computer is still connected to the internet but not to replay. Anything I can do to correct this very annoying problem? Sometimes it will flash the message connecting forever.

update Adobe flashplayer may help.

Do you watch any movie or flash based task running in the background? If your internet high use, like download something, like updates even, thet can slow it down too. Let us know if this problem still exist .


Yeah or try a different browser, for example Google Chrome is a much better alternative to Internet Explorer.

i keep getting disconnected then reconnected while playing in games ,sometimes my hand has been folded so it becomes very frustrating ie banging my head on the coffee table (only joking),also i have read most of the advise given and i use google chrome,have ad block installed and 2 lots of security so if anyone has any ideas i would be thankful ,cheers if you,ve read this have a nice day your,s john

Try closing the main lobby page and just keep the table open , this usually helps me.

cheer,s for that one sharon i will try that now and see how i go i,ll b in touch with the answer later thanx again john

tried closing the main lobby down but it still disconnected me luckily did not fold my hands or take any chips ,still didn,t win the comp though lol

Maybe try making sure you have nothing else open at all , maybe you listen to music while you play , or are on Facebook . Good luck on the tables.