I keep reconnecting

When I’m playing I keep reconnecting. Is it me and how can I fix it??? I love this site PLEASE help me.

REPLAY RULES :slight_smile:

Hi imlovenit2 .

Is it working again? I saw you played.

Maybe your Adobe Flash Player need an update. It is very important to have the latest update. You can find the link for Adobe here…

http://www.replaypoker.com/help/faqs http://get.adobe.com/nl/flashplayer/

Also you can play in another browser, firefox, google chrome or ie.

Let us know if you still have problems Greetings and good luck Happiness.

Hi Happiness

Thank you for your reply.

Yes I am still having the same problem. I have updated my Adobe and I have started using firefox. I can play its just sometimes in the middle of a hand it will reconnect and when its done reconnecting my hand has folded. I have lost some good hands because of it.So if you can think of anything else I can try let me know.



Im sorry:(…I hope someone else has an idea for you.

Try update your video driver.

Tried that also. I’ll just keep playing and see what happens.

Thanks for the reply

It seems lots of people (including myself) are having this problem. My best guess not being a programmer or anything is that sometimes the table window gets “overloaded”?. If I click the buttons (call/raise etc) too quickly after the person before me or try to type in chatbox while pressing bet the game can crash. If I slowly click the bet/check buttons leaving a pause after the person before me the game seems to go on much longer before crashing. This is all just guesswork by me, maybe newest flash player not quite compatible with replaypoker?

You might be right, we’re leaving the flash client behind and moving to a more stable, reliable html5 technology soon. Flash is really dependent on which browser you use and what the hardware specifications of your computer are. It’s frustrating for us, as often there’s very little we can do - it was for this reason I guess that apple decided to no longer support it on their devices.

u guys should switch to microsoft silverlight

I’ve never heard anyone recommend that before, what about all the players that use macs or want to access replaypoker from their phones, they’d be left out in the cold.