Computer favors higher stacks

I’ve noticed in every tournament; the computer is set up to favor higher stacks 99% of the time. Why?

Can you show your data please to back up this statement?

my rank is not that great and play constantly in leagues with players who out rank me and my teammates… Last quarter we got second place, so I can contest the statement. the only benefit of having more chips is you can take more risk.

Sure, if you can show data is doesn’t.

are you talking rank or hands?

I absolutely love the site. It’s layout, graphics, achievements and all -around fun. The only fault is trying to speed up tournaments with higher stacks knocking out better hands. It’s not really for the serious player IMO.

Shorter stacks can’t knock out big stacks, so yeah, the bigger stacks are the ones to knock out the short stacks.

The best hand at the river wins, so the best hand at that point takes the chips. It doesn’t matter who was ahead before that, except in a statistical sense.

In many situations, getting in behind means you are about a 2-3 underdog. Not only is it not rare to win from behind in a situation like that, those wins are more memorable. This can skew our perceptions, making it seem like those hands win more often than they actually do.

I think the deal is fair, and all of the evidence I have seen supports that.


Here you go. You’re turn


Assuming skill is equal, you often hear that your chances are roughly proportional to the ratio of chips, but it is actually a bit worse than that, as there is always a degree of volatility, and as your stack gets smaller, you are exposed to the volatility more.

“Computer favors higher stacks”… You see, computers need to select their mates carefully, and they are attracted to big stacks like a female peacock is to a big mass of colorful feathers.

Really… sometimes the comments here make me wonder about the likely fate of humanity.