Would someone please tell me what info this clip from any random game regarding “Stacks” on the 3rd line is referring to?
Screenshot 2022-09-23 210618

Thank you!

Okay, thank you very much, not that it helps me at all. I’m just a non-math, fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants, limper that has no idea what to do with that explanation. But I was very curious just the same. Thanks again!!

How can the first one be largest stack size when according to you the second one, which is larger by 80k, is the average stack size?

I wasn’t going to comment because I thought he he knew what he was talking about, but you’re comment is spot on. Including the fact that the third # refers to whomever is currently in the lead. But he was kind enough to reply quickly…

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What I really wanted to know was why show the 1st 2 sets of numbers. I didn’t really see why a low stack, high stack and average stack really mattered much. But I knew the last 1 referred to the leader. It’s also telling, Minnow, that he deleted his comment after your reply…

He tends to voice opinions that don’t stack up with reality. If you read his posts, most of them pertain to the site being rigged, because he gets sucked out on. It doesn’t matter what the reality of his play is that leads to him being sucked out on, because he’s already decided that it has nothing to do with his play, it’s just the site is rigged, but he gives no explanations about how he accrued millions of chips on a rigged site.

its because you don’t read. told you that winning sitngo leaderboards. winning contest and facebook contest where they ask which hand wins. sitngo’s are so easy. if you find right table and players, they just go all in every hand knocking each other out. many times eneded up 3rd or 2nd sometimes winning the sitngo’s. I have also said many times I’ve tried show prove but it gets deleted.

Well basically by knowing low, average high can help you estimate where you are in the pile and can therefore help you either play the same or change to get into better position, Hope this helps.

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Amazing. The site is rigged, and when you show proof it gets deleted. Is that for real? Sounds like “the check is in the mail”.

yes its real.

Is the site rigged when you win as well or only when you lose?

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its rigged when I win

Well, then I commend you for your candor and consistency.

Thank you Mr. Zick…

just like this hand. I get AA another player A9 and guy JJ. now what are the odds in a 52 cards that oh they just throw the last Ace in deck out on flop and giving the poor player a 9 for two pairs. then turn to induce more action and drama that gives both players a 4 card flush draw. shocked river wasn’t a club to give both a flush.

You won over 8k in chips and you’re complaining? The player with JJ shouldn’t have immediately shoved all in with JJ as it is a premium hand but a weak premium hand. A9 should’ve folded immediately when there was an all in and a call before him. So both of your opponents played the hand poorly and got what they got. You were the only one that played the hand like you are supposed to, but you did have AA as hole cards and weren’t going to fold to anything pre-flop. Also, there weren’t 52 cards left in the deck when the last ace showed up on the flop. There were 36. That increases the chances for the ace to appear. As far as another club appearing, there were 8 unseen clubs, so that number is high enough that it’s almost a 25% chance of happening, so that definitely shouldn’t have been a shocker had one landed on the board.


not complaining. just showing how its design to induce action. two pocket pairs going at each other. got another player hit two pairs. 1 out of 36 is not great odds that last A come up. 35 others that will.

don’t know how many times I’ve seen AJ AK AQ and still throw the last ace for action

I’m not positive but I think it usually refers to Avg Pot / Avg Stack / Hands p/hr

Thank you.

First off, nice win. You got your coin in while ahead and got paid. Can you please explain your rambling about the “action”. It’s just nonsense, you 3 bingo bunnies were all-in before the flop so it didn’t matter if a pygmy skunk dealt the cards. 1 hand proves exactly 1 hand so to try to infer nefarious intent is akin to licking an icecube and declaring the world is frozen.