Check/Fold Check Box Should Stay Checked

Checking the Check/Fold box (instead of the Check box), is basically surrendering the hand. So if the checking continues past me, it should stay checked.

Even if nobody bets, it should stay checked for the next card – if I hit a miracle, I can always uncheck it. But the most efficient default, is for it to stay checked.

Your competitor WSOP does it this way – about the only thing they do better than RP.


It really doesn’t take more than 1/10 of a second to check or uncheck the box. It’s been like this for years and no one has ever mentioned being bothered by it.

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It bothers me, especially when I am playing multiple games at once. and while we are on this, how about leaving the marker lit for where the deal is during breaks in tournaments, as well as an option to not see your own cars after you fold, this rabbit hunting if for the birds, and causes an increase in bad play IMO.


It bothers me also, and when you go to hit the button, it moves before you can finish, kind of irritating.

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I understand your question, but thinking objectively. Consider this, If you hit the miracle, will you be aware of that? If so that is a decision to make, correct? Isn’t the check button the same and helps keep us aware of the strategies and play we must produce to win?

I think this issue is lag and connectivity on the site generally. Its the biggest issue I see on this site generally.

Not from my experience! Many times I’ve flopped nada and either I clicked check/fold or the site auto/clicked check/fold bc of connectivity/site issues and I was unable to GET BACK into playing the hand!

I dont know how many times i’ve had issues on one street, either pre flop or flop or turn that proceeded to lock me out of a hand!

Whatever the next part of the hand is - flop, turn, river - RP has already decided I’m inactive and auto check/folds at ever opportunity. Hella frustrating.

Again I think the biggest issue is site lag and connectivity issues. Maybe I’m wrong? If so dont use check boxes.

I use preselects, checkboxes a little less now bc the site is less reliable.

Maybe stop using check boxes? Don’t expect RP to fix stuff! Works for me!


The reason for the check boxes is to make the hand go faster while your waiting your turn. The faster the hand the more chips replay takes in.

I’ve mentioned many times that the check/fold option should stay for the whole street, to no avail.


[quote=“Craig_Anthony, post:7, topic:44583”]
while your waiting your turn
Ok say I check fold walk away to refresh coffee, someone bids and my check box is unchecked creating a sit out lapse for other players. This should not impact the other players.
ALSO, the fold button should be permanent instead of having to hit more than once to fold, during play.

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Why check the box to go get a refreshment. Leave the table ., go grey , do what you gotta do and click rejoin the game when you get back. Easy Peasy


I agree It matters to me too. Should not have to check the box twice to check/fold.

I believe, Replay Poker does a Great job of simulating real live poker, for an online free poker site.

Part of the great game of poker for me is making the decisions in the game. The first one to make on every hand is do I check, fold or raise. Having an automated check totally eliminates that first decision and the simulation of live poker. GL at the tables

What i believe Kebga is saying is that when someone bets after i checked the c/f button it does not fold like it should. The check/fold will work if someone bets before me…but not if someone bets after me. Please fix this… Thanks mark

That’s right, marklou. If my check/fold results in me checking, and a following player bets: I still intend to fold. Otherwise, I would’ve checked the “Check” box instead of “Check/Fold”. I think that makes sense to everybody here.

I also advocated leaving the c/f box checked for the next card, if no one bets… but no one seems to agree with me on that. Oh well.

Some sites have a check, raise, or fold to any bet. If all players check it stays checked, raise if you desire, and fold, with no rechecking box. Those 3 are pre-selected.

I read this post again and understand it better now.

What you are suggesting was an option in the OLD Adobe Version on RP, before the HTTP tables took over. I’d be surprised if any players even remember this.

In the OLD Adobe tables there was the option to click check/fold and it would remain chosen across every street, flop, turn, river, for the hand duration, with the option to uncheck it.

Why was this OLD feature good/better? Current system: Lets say I called on the BTN and flop nothing and am happy to surrender the hand. I decide to go get a drink in-between hands, so click check/fold box before its even my turn to act. Whilst I’m off getting a drink the flop checks, now the turn card comes and the dealer and every other player is waiting for my action. Checked through again, and again time is wasted on the river for my action and now the dealer system forces me to sit out the next hand bc I was deemed to be sitting out, impeding action or flow of play wasting time etc. Hella frustrating.

On the OLD Adobe RP system there was no wasted time bc I check/fold my decision for every street for the duration of the hand, and Im automatically dealt in the next hand bc I wasn’t impeding the action or flow of play wasting time etc.

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Remember the Flash version very well my friend, worked very well if used the feature’s properly. But as you mentioned have bitten by that particular option before. Guess that makes us both old Dogs of War LOL. GL at the tables, my friend :smiley:

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I think if you want out of a hand, just plain fold.
If you need to go do something for a bit, check post and fold.

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This OP made by @Kebga was specific to the Check/Fold box, a feature that was deff better on the OLD tables. @Litenin Do you specifically remember the difference? How the Check/Fold box was better?

Check/Fold selections are more problematic since we left behind the OLD Flash version. @Litenin I dont remember any problems or being bitten using the check boxes with the OLD Flash version of RP. Its more problematic bc the site and tables are less smooth and playable from my experience.

My solution is DONT use Check boxes at all bc it deff bites you occasionally with the new HTTP tables.

If we are playing 9MAX and on the flop, with several limping slow players we have to wait our turn to fold OR click a check box, that only works on one street at a time! This is poker on a site like RP! Lots of limps and slow players. If we are the BTN 9MAX with a few limps it makes sense to limp in w many medium strength hands sometimes.

Ring & MTT are different! I could easily take a quick break to do something with the old Flash Check/Fold box which automated a surrender of the hand on every street: flop, turn and river. This is specific to the OP @Kebga made!

Personally I would previously use check boxes a LOT bc it reduces wasted time at the table which IMO benefits everyone at the table.

In ring games there is no “check post and fold!” In ring games if u miss a blind payment by sitting out the penalty is waiting for the next eligible position which hurts the player.