Make the "fold to any / autocheck " buttons a bit less obvious?

I love using the ’ fold to any button’ (and auto check, check/fold etc). However, it / they cause u to check faster than any person could. When checking behind it’s obvious the button is being used & player likely not too sure of their hand. When u are first to act it is almost certain the player has clicked ‘fold to any,’ as there is no ‘snap-check the next street’ button.

Perhaps if u added a small delay to the check , to make it less obvious the person is auto check/folding? There could be a slightly randomized variance of the timing too .

It’s a very useful button (I love snap folding to someone’s ridiculous overbet after they think for 20 seconds), but imo mostly obvious someone has clicked the button. Big ‘tell’ for a game without body language.

Love the site,

u shouldn’t use the auto check button anyways, i am 170% calling anyone that instachecks the flop, then shoves on the turn / river. NOONE uses autocheck when they have a good hand or even a good draw. Of course you could turn this into a double bluff by using the autocheck when you have a set on the flop or something, but usually people will at least THINK about checkraising before doing it, not instacheck. I remember a top 10 tips for RP somewhere on this forum, and this one should be in there somewhere, don’t use autocheck, autofold can be used because it doesn’t change anything at all, but autocheck makes you so predictable and vulnerable to any player paying even moderate attention to the game.

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Interesting suggestion FloppyEarz, you and LeMow are completely right about it being a big ‘tell’ to other players. Would be great to get other players feedback on this. The only disadvantages I can see with adding a random waiting period, are a) it’ll marginally slow down the hand (not a big issue imho), and b) we’ll lose one of the few obvious ‘tells’ we have online (is that necessary a good thing?).

Glad you’re enjoying the site FloppyEarz! :smile:

I think it’s not a good thing. As LeMow pointed out it is a “tell” which makes it more realistic and like every tell it can be faked. I’d actually say “very well played” to a player thinking about ticking the box with a huge hand on the flop/turn so that you’d think he has air which would induce you to make calling mistakes later on.

I personally carefully use the clock so that it’s hard to put me on a clock tell, at times I bet super fast with nutted hands, at times super slow, and same thing with my bluffs. I always trie to bet at roughly the same time and mix it up “randomly”. Basically it’s the only “tell” we have appart from the bet sizing but again it’s not really a “tell” it’s more something to always focus on.

So I’d say : never ever tick the box except if you have players how might pay attention to that and try to fake it as a tell. The fold check box is very handy though, especially when you’re multi tabling.

aw man when I completely miss the flop , fold to any. full ring when i know the hand is over… and auto-check behind is convenient. don’t set a beginner’s trap/ pointless button on the game interface