Check/Fold Button

Do you remember when it lasted for the entire betting round? Can we get this back?

Hi AngelinaB,
I am a little confused and hoping you would explain a bit further… When you say “Check/Fold button” my assumption is that you are referring to this (which I call a tickbox and some might call a checkbox which might be a little confusing on a poker site :grinning:):

and if that is indeed what you are referring to, I am curious as to what purpose would be served by having it available for a whole betting round.

Yes it is and checkbox is a better description, thank you. It used to check/fold when it was your turn to bet, but it would flip to fold thereafter so if a bet was made after your turn you did not have to click the fold “button” lol.

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Ooooh… ok,… I think what you are looking for is: “fold to any bet”. I do not know if that has ever been used on this site.


Now I’m cornfused lol it is a check/fold button already. If you want to play cant you just uncheck the box? use it wisely

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If a bet is made after your turn the button is useless, it used to flip to fold.

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