Replay previous hand button (too slow, want to see only results not the betting rounds every street)

last hand results
it takes ages to look back?


maybe if we can scroll it ? it will be better!

I have always wanted video playback type controls for hand replays. Play, pause, fast fwd, rewind. I do not know how the hands are stored and/or replayed. I do not believe they are saved as video so ff and rw as such might not be possible, but it would be nice to be able to pause and step forward and back through the action skipping all the wait time as players are deciding what action to take.


Many times it is very important to see the entire hand, to see where any mistake was made by another player or ourselves. But agree, one thing that we need are options to see only what we want to see!!

If you only want to see the results of the hands, then it can help you to look to your Activity page. But only for Ringgames. It would be nice to have this for MTT’s and SnG’s too. And the Activity page refreshes very fast (a wonder!). But you can there not see the other players holecards. Not really good.

@das32343: Saved video files are there sure not needed. Years ago I played many on 2 other sites. Replaying hands was there the same (very) bad thing like Replays. But the sites saved Logfiles of my played tables on my computer. I made me then my own App for looking back to my played hands. I’m sure it has all what is needed. I was very lucky to have this tool. Playing reverse is not, but buttons to go a step or street(s) back. And not a very big problem to add reverse playing. But I needed it not. And no long waiting for the players actions on my App. One click and it shows the end of the hand.

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You can see hands for MTT’s & SNG’s too, you just have to go the the Hands page, they don’t show on the Profile or Activity pages.

@Litenin I agree it’s often important too see all the action, but the current replay isn’t great for that either if you are trying to review a hand while still playing. You can’t pause it, and if you miss an action you have to restart the entire hand.

Like Poki I created my own program to show hands from log files I get from a different site. Mine is not as fun, but it does show all the action for a hand in a limited amount of space, so is very useful for skimming through hands:

@das32343 Fast forward/rewind buttons like you mention would be the most obvious and easiest to implement solution. The hands for sure won’t be stored as video, but that actually makes implementing those controls much easier.

Another site I play on has a replayer with those features but I never actually use it because it also has a text output of every action, and it’s easier to scroll through that.

There’s many possible solutions to this - I’d be happy with any of them.


I know it has been requested before, multiple times. I just have to cast my vote in to bring whatever attention can be brought to it…

I love Replay Poker, the branding, the design, the whole site. It’s leaps and bounds past other sites I’ve used.

What is alarming is that I read somewhere on the site that they take pride in the fact you can replay any hand that has ever happened, and that is the inspiration for the site name. Yet the feature itself is lacking in the most fundamental sense that you can’t skip ahead at each player’s action, street or at the very least to the end of the hand.

The frustration is that while I’m in the middle of a game I’m flustering through the hand replay waiting to get to the end while trying to concentrate on the game in session. Partly because everytime I open the hand replay I can’t accept that there isn’t some skip button somewhere and I’m just missing it.

There’s no where else I’d rather play poker, but as harsh as it seems it’s a very big pain point that diminishes the whole experience of playing on a site whos namesake is substandard compared to all other sites I have used. There’s something very ironic about Replay Poker (,in my opinion,) being ahead in nearly everything else but the very thing it is trying to make a name for itself in…

tldr, can we please scrub through a hand in some way on the hand replay feature? :pleading_face:


1000% co-sign. When a player calls your bet and loses, part of what you “win” is knowing what they had. Sometimes this valuable information is relevant on the very next hand! There should not be a time-consuming barrier to immediately gaining this knowledge.


@grapevine or @Tiandra can we fold this topic into the previous topic:

Done :slight_smile:


Ty :smiley:

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Hi Everyone!

We also like to see some playback controls on the hand replays specifically option to skip sections, fast forward, etc. I’m sharing this with the rest of the Team to let them know that more players are talking about this.


thank you for recognizing this issue! those playback control ideas are good - I would add that I think most of us would have our “problem” solved if there was just a “SKIP TO RESULT” button


Why does the hand replay preserve the actual time of the hand? I just want to check the action that transpired, not the 10 seconds between each decision. A way to quickly step from move to move would be tremendous. I frankly would never make use of the time preservation.