first and last time on this game. betting controls are horrible. lost most of pot because i cannot bet the correct amount in time and get folded instantly–usually after i already bet in on previous hands. should have automatic bets like quarter pot, half pot, full pot, all in if it is going to fold you so fast. great disappointment since the game look and feel is nice and clean except for the betting function.

Hi ashuffler,

Thank you for the honest feedback. This is an area we know we can improve and it’s on our current roadmap to add quick bet buttons. If things go as planned, we should be able to add these sometime in the next couple months.

In the meantime, you do have the option to type your bet into the text box instead of using the slider.

It’s not as ideal as quick bet buttons, but it’s a little bit smoother than trying to adjust things with the slider while the clock is running down on you.

Cheers, Lesley

will give this a shot, then. wish i had known before i lost most of the pot on winning hands…

i tried it with the typing the amount in the box and it was much better. now the problem is that it becomes unresponsive and does not accept my entries. entire hands go by before it catches up. it still kicks me out because i cannot enter my command in time while it is frozen. don’t know if it is my computer or the nature of the system here. i think it is just too fast. it would help if it was just a bit slower, i think.

Update Adobe Acrobat Flash player helps,

Use of Chrome browser (I think) faster, Wired internet helps a big deal. Whats you PC specs?


I used the type in method but nearly got caught by hitting enter which does nothing as you have to hit the bet button of course. Would be a lot quicker and smoother if you could just type and enter.