Cards look blurry in Firefox


I switched from Brave browser to Firefox and now the cards aren’t rendered properly; the look blurry now. Didn’t see that with Brave. Any ideas on how to solve?




Go to browser settings > Screen Resolution.

Cant find a setting for screen resolution in Firefox. Zoom is at 100% (changing that doesn’t seem to help).
For a brief moment when the cards are dealt they appear sharp. As soon as they settle they become unsharp/blurred.

I made a .gif showing the un-sharpen on settle effect:


Lower the zoom , see what happens

Changing zoom doesn’t seem to help.

I tried a couple of browsers (Chrome, Brave, Edge and Firefox) and this problem only occurs with Firefox. So i guess it has something to do with Firefox’s image rendering and/or css. Just don’t know how to fix.

Btw, this is on Windows 10.

Noticed this myself a while ago. Made a thread about it and no one took it seriously.

Also I see the same thing where it becomes blurry right after the animation finishes.

Pretty sure it’s not a local setting issue or something obvious.

It looks like a problem on graphic smoothing. It can help you to install a new driver for your graphics card.
Here a thread on Mozilla forum, 8 y old, but helps to understand, you can search there more or ask:

It not even cost effective with a windows 10 machine

Firefox as well?

Updated drivers, no change.

Yes I only use Firefox

Just a random thought, have you tried disabling/enabling Hardware acceleration in Firefox Settings? There is a checkbox option called “Use recommended performance settings”, uncheck that, and you can see the option there.

Yeah i tried disabling HWA; didn’t work.

Also been trying to mess with css; read some tips about FF sometimes doing weird stuff to scaled images which might be solved by injecting some css (crisp-edges, rotate) into the page but i don’t really know how to make that work. Things i do don’t seem to have any effect at all.

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Roll back Windows and reinstall Windows 10 you said you had.

Whoa, easy there. That’s like killing a mosquito with a cannon or setting the house on fire to get rid of a spider… That’s just bad advise. Nah, I’m sure there must be a less dramatic fix. Or else I’ll just stick to a different browser to play replay poker in.

FYI, this also happens with Firefox on Linux. So definitely an OS-independent FF issue.

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I’m not too good with acronyms, so I’m not sure what you mean, but no problem.

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I don’t think that will do anything except waste a day. The operating system won’t be causing the issue here.