HELP - Browser error

I keep getting the following browser error. It happens on all tables Im playing & browsers open simultaneously. Temporary solution is refresh browsers & reopen tables. I’ve deleted all history & cleared cache what else can I do?


If you cleared your browser cache, close all your unused tabs and disable any browser extensions. You can also try disabling hardware acceleration. You can also expand page filing.

How much RAM does your system have? It might be time for an upgrade.

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I got the same error message two days ago, and reported it to support. Reloaded immediately, took no other action, and error hasn’t repeated. Yet.

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I had this problem in the middle of a tournament, but once I went back to the lobby and re-entered the game, the problem was gone and didn’t arise again. I was so focused on the game I forgot to report it, so I’m glad others have reported. I am 100% my system doesn’t need an upgrade at this point.

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This also happened to me once last week. I figured it was my system so I didn’t report it.


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I feel pretty sure I misread the screen at the time it happened to me, but I would have almost sworn it said, “Not enough money to open this page.” I figured that was true, so I just exited and tried again. lol


lol thats so rude of RP. :laughing:

lol I’m really bad at skim reading, listening to lyrics hearing them correctly, & even watching TV without subtitles.

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Thanks for the reply. Without looking I can tell you without looking its well past time for an upgrade. This laptop is well over ten years old. I bought a new laptop less than a year ago & broke it, so Im making do.

I’ll try deleting the RP flash extension. Maybe its playing up. Its actually often failing to enable flash when I try to replay old hands.

I dont add any browser extensions, all default except the RP flash extension. I was wondering if its possible my RAM has become faulty. I have never ever experienced this problem before. Its now regularly occurring.

I often have a ridiculous amount of tabs open but as said never had a problem.

Thanks for suggestions: :slight_smile:

Thanks for your response. I dont think its RP that’s causing the problem. I can refresh all tabs and continue on as if nothing happened with many, many tabs open without experiencing the problem for 20-40min.

Your response gave me an idea to test this error. I’ll try having other web sites open and see if they too will disconnect or whether this is specifically a problem with connection to RP.

Thanks for your response. :slight_smile:

The problem for me is every page & tab open losses connection. The table & lobby tabs cannot be reloaded bc there is no “reload the page” button & clicking enter in the web address bar does nothing.

I usually load the dashboard page & and now have it always open when playing SnG games as its an easy & fast way to launch my broken tables.

I’m not inclined to blame this problem on RP atm, but i’ll test it out to be sure.

Thanks for your input.

“Not enough money to open this page.”
Love it. My cheque book sends me that message all the time. hahahaaha


Sometimes I will keep old lobbies open, whenever RP crashes (for me), the message is different, but crashes not only what I am playing but random old lobbies :slight_smile: Some will show up fine, others are gone. I usually have multiple tabs/websites open. None of the other websites crash, just Replay.

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The other sites are probably static. Once you have them loaded, they are loaded.

Replay is more dynamic, the content always changing. It’s not the same thing.


IKR this made me LMAO.

If this happened to me I think I might have been a little amused but also rather angry…

This dynamic is at times a lil ridiculous. I have seen the lobby for ring games or SnG games continuously reload every less than 1 sec to a few secs. It happens so often that all the tables listed don’t get time to display or load. Probably a minor bug I guess, as it happens rarely & isn’t often problematic.

FYI deleted extensions, is working a lil better & disconnects take much longer. My RAM is 2 GIG & Pentium duel core 2.2Ghertz processor. I know yall laughing but I’m impressed. I remember the days 256MB or 512MB was to brag about.

Whats that mean? I’m wondering if I need update Google Chrome. I thought it was automatic etc. Its deff more tolerable & I’m thinking I might get another 5 years before an upgrade. :woman_zombie:

A Pagefile is a form of virtual memory AKA swapfile, but if you are only running 2 gigs of RAM, the problem is probably RAM related.

I got my first computer in 1979, and it had 8K of RAM. K, not M or G. Haha.

But a fella has to keep up with the times. I built my current system 4 or 5 years ago, and it has 32G of fast, quad channel DDR4 RAM, which I have overclocked.

2 G isn’t enough to do much of anything these days. Time to upgrade!


I found an article that might help…


Thanks, for you help. I’ll check it out. Appreciated. :slight_smile:

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