Can you help yourself get out of a Poker Drought?

I believe we have all been in what I call Replay Poker droughts.

When I am in a Replay Poker Drought, I want out and it is time to get out of it somehow and believe I can change my luck.

I feel like when this occurs to me, it is time for a routine change. I then tend to play different games, tournaments, times, stakes, etc?

Can you help yourself get out of non placing/winning 4 or 5 day droughts ? If so, please share your resolutions with us all.

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Well, I guess when you stop and think about all the variables involved playing here at Replay Poker, I

would certainly look for what is not a variable and start there to get out of a drought.

Going back and thinking about the hands that had a very high winning percentage.

Then being patient enough to wait until opportunity knocks.

Most likely, if you’re in a drought, you’re forcing the issue and not patient.

Also, not aware enough of the opportunities.

You know, Replay Poker lives up to its name by hands repeating.

If you notice a pattern, start there and take advantage of what the site is giving you.

You need to be more aware of the repeating winning hands.

For example, in Omaha Hi Lo lately, there has been a repeating pattern of a couple deuces, that for the

most part, catch a 2.

I’ve seen this pattern win about 90% of the time.

Not foolproof, but it stands out as a winning play.

So, a player can just sit back and wait until he notices a favorable play.

Again, it helps to be aware and find as many favorable plays as possible.

Hand #1051537623

So, focus on this approach if you’re in a drought on Replay.

Obviously, the more aware you are of these types of plays, the more likely you’ll never see a drought in

the first place.

You will become a consistent winning player!

Knowing the algorithm tendencies is the key here on Replay.

Also, patience and awareness!

Remember, you don’t need luck to win if you know the algorithm tendencies!


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Oh I definitely go through droughts a lot on here recently. I usually just give it a break for a day or two then try again. When the cards don’t go your way, they just don’t go your way.


Don’t be result oriented. Just focus in making EV+ plays.


About six weeks to two months ago I went ten days or more and couldn’t win anything. I posted this in another thread, but I’ll say it again. I’d hit a set, someone else would hit a bigger set. I’d hit a straight, someone would hit a better straight or a flush. I’d hit a flush and someone would hit a boat. I even had a hand where I hit a boat and two other players hit bigger ones. My solution was to drop down several stake levels and play until I felt like I had my mojo back, and then went back to the stakes I prefer to play. Best thing through it all was remembering that downswings are going to happen, and there’s nothing you can really do other than work through them. Worst thing for me was going down as far as 1/2 and being bored to tears with players trading eight chips back and forth with regularity.


The last time this happened to me was about 5-6 wks ago as well. I see a drought a few times a yr on average. When it comes and after a few days, I notice I have gotten into a routine same tourneys same players etc. When I play same tourneys, I get to know a lot more of how the players will play, weaknesses & strengths but they do the same with mine. So I figure plays some MTT’s I normally don’t play for awhile and it has worked every time to get back in the $$$. GL everyone and I hope you don’t get into extended Poker droughts. It will cause one to loose the confidence that is needed to win.

Everyone has them, what seems to work for me is to cuss and throw my beer against the wall…Haha just kidding. I just play through them. I raise what I will bet on, if I don’t have a smoker on the flop I’m out. When the board starts to treat me better I return to how I normally play. Don’t throw your beer against the wall it will tick the wife off and it makes a mess.

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I’m very new here so forgive me for chiming in…
I only play a few free/low MTTs because I’m trying to learn.
Can’t say I’ve been here long enough to have a drought but I was curious as to how the higher ups lived.
So I tried a couple of 250 MTTs and got blown out. Boom.
Is that a drought?
Or just a lesson?

One day I will be able to play them but for now you’ll have to find me in the beginner stuff.

gg e1
cu soon


Hi my friend, I wouldn’t call that a drought but as you said a lesson. Hope you get up that level stakes MTT’s soon, if that’s your goal and be comfortable playing them. GL at the tables !!


I’ve noticed “droughts” to last for 2 to 4 days at a time (playing 2-3 hrs a day) and then things would even out for a few weeks. So, not quite a week in a month was tougher, on average. I have been playing here since 2016.
What I used to do is play different “profiles”. I had one for “every day” play, one for practicing “aggressive” and one for “conservative” styles. I only played Ring Games. I never did anything nefarious with the alt profiles. Having that different “view” helped me with “droughts”. I had bankrolls of $7m, 4m and $3m and ratings of 4k, 6k and 7k – about what you’d expect from the different styles of play.
Then I found out that multi-profiles was against the rules at Replay and they killed two of the profiles (along with the money). It seems like I’ve been in some sort of “punishment algorithm” for the past 6-7 months. I don’t see many playable hands and get lots of “bad beats”. I don’t think my poker IQ has deteriorated so much but I’m down to $1.2m in my “every day” profile and ranking zoomed to 13k! Maybe I did have a big advantage using those profiles, but cannot imaging how? And perhaps there has been a big surge in good players in the past 7 months and so I’m just settling to a more reasonable rank level? Who knows? I’ve found myself playing a lot more backgammon, wist and gin rummy because poker has become tedious.
There’s my view of short and longer term droughts, hope it’s at all useful to anyone. Best of luck to all in 2024!:slight_smile:

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Thanks’ for your input to the conversation @fred_garvi , & welcome to the forum. I hope you will visit often and check out the new & old topic subjects. I have learned a lot here & hope you do also. Replay Poker to me is the best free online Poker Site available and I hope you will continue to build your Bankroll. GL at the tables, enjoy the fellowship & always have Fun !!

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There certainly are days when I feel replay is out to get me, lose every flip, opponents hitting one outers, very frustrating. So if I get too frustrated I take a break or switch up games and just try to ditch the woe is me mindset. A frustrated player tends to extend their own bad luck streak with poor or angry play.

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There’s a lot of truth in that.


Amen to that… personally I just play through the bad times, try to tighten up and focus on quality play. If I play well and still loose, well… dems da breaks pal :smiley:


Agree my friend and I’m sure we have always been, at one time a frustrated player. The answer, I think is don’t forget the past but have faith in the future and make changes as needed.

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Patience, do not go on tilt and play good cards and most of us should not have long periods of losing:)

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If your suffering a so called drought, take a break for a few days and do something different.

Patience is the key and sometimes discipline is required when you know someone has the Hot seat for example and in many other situations. If you maintain that discipline, the cards will change eventually. Then have faith in your hand when you get the nuts to get out of the drought.

Thier are no such things as hot and cold seats. It’s all based on the algorithm. Just wait it out and eventually things will turn . This a video game poker and your winning and losing will eventually even out. Replay does not want to lose players !

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Yep, never believed in " a hot seat" lol, patience and u will get your good cards.