Quitting for a while

Sorry to use the forums to do this, but I just wanted to update my Replay friends that I’m quitting for a while. I’ve been playing tired and poorly and too much in general without working to improve my play and I’m frustrated and need a break. I’m also not finding it nearly as fun lately (in general, regardless of how I’m doing). Take care. We’ll see ya down the road.


Hope to see you back sometime when you’re feeling up to it.

when not feeling in the mood for it anymore or when being too frustrated to keep your mind in the game, taking a break is often the best strategy there is.

wish u gl on your break and i hope you get your fun back afterwards.

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Being self-aware enough to know when you are doing more harm than good to your game is a big deal. Also, everyone gets burned out from time to time. Get your head where it needs to be and come back when you are ready.


Poker streaks come and go, both good and bad. What I like most about Replay is that no matter how “bad” a streak I may be on, I feel no need to double down and try to “recover”.

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We’ll miss you my friend, I hope you come back soon.