Can I Play Poker Without Losing Money?

The answer to that question is a resounding No! However, all is not lost and it does not have to be your hard earned money being invested into playing poker. The road to becoming a good poker play can be a lonely and expensive journey if done recklessly. This is why poker forums and communities are vital to the survival of the game. Many years ago, I got lured into making a deposit on PokerStars and not too long after that, I lost it all. I quickly realized that an investment must be made into acquiring knowledge about the game. I joined the PokersStars PokerSchool on and acquired some knowledge and skill but soon went on tilt and gave up playing poker for a few years.

About two or three years ago, I joined the CardsChart Community and after participation in their forums, took a 30 Day Poker School Course, which later spurred me on to take a Zero Bankroll Builder Challenge. The road was a very painful one and required much discipline but I set a goal to get to $100.00 by playing only freerolls. I was ecstatic when I finally finished in-the-money and won my first $0.15 to start my bankroll. It took me a few months, but I finally did it and in the process got a little impatient and almost busted it all. The important consideration here, is the fact that I worked so hard to make that money and promised myself not to lose it all. This means that I have to practice strict bankroll management to hold on to my precious funds.

The knowledge and skills that I acquired along the way has greatly improved my confidence at the tables and I know that I stand a great chance of becoming a professional poker player in the future. Recently, I won a Power Path Silver Pass on PokerStars and boosted my poker Bankroll to over $700.00 with the $2500 in tickets won. Though I am a bit disappointed with my result - it is money that I earned entirely from playing Freerolls. I am holding on to the dream that one day, I will be a participant in the the WSOP or an equally prestigious event. This keeps me going!

So to all the beginning poker players out there, here is a summary of the advice given from my experience:

  1. Join a poker community
  2. Invest time time into learning as much as you can about the game of poker
  3. Set a poker goal and hone your skills in as many freerolls as you can - even play chips on Replay is great practice. Take the game seriously.
  4. Using strict bankroll management practices continue to play poker and have fun moving up in stakes. This also applies to play chips on Replay Poker.

It may feel like forever, but eventually you will win the poker lottery and enjoy playing bigger and bigger buy-in tournaments or ring tables.

Even with my near $1000 bankroll, I am having fun playing many freerolls and $1.00 -$2.20 tournaments, confident that I will keep making money and never lose my poker bankroll again!

Enjoy contributing to a poker community - the support and friendships will add to your enjoyment of playing Poker. I have much fun participating in League Matches and other community competitions!

See you guys at the poker table [image]


It’s illegal in the United States to play online Poker for money. You’re doing great at small stakes :+1:t2:

Great topic Redboy23

I agree the answer to is no you cannot play poker without losing money if your playing events/tournaments with a buy in.

But in my eyes i would classify it as an investment for future game.

But you can play poker without the risk of losing money if you just stick to freerolling.

There is a lot of free tournaments to help you build a bankroll to play in buy in events without investigating your own money just time.

So there is a little bit of a yes to your answer if your playing buy in events with a bankroll built without investment of your own.

Perfect answer and one newxplayers and old should apply to increase their bankroll and get some experience with little investment but time.

Yes you can play poker without losing money, just get some friends round and play for anything other than real cash. If someone has a chip set for casual play, perfect.


We used to keep 20 bucks in quarters and a large feather, to play with a 4 man table for fun weekly with another couple. at the end of the day the winner kept the feather, everyone returned the chips back to the bank and the winner returned the feather the next week. No Money Lost but a lot of fun !!!

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That sounds like a good time to me. Someone always had the feather in their cap.

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Thanks for your feedback.

My wife and I were wondering why the US has taken such a stance on online gambling when there are casinos all over the place.

Care to give us some insight into the whole situation?

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Glad you see wisdom in the idea. Of course, it is a slow and painful road. However, the discipline and determination gained is priceless!

It is definitely not a path for everyone :smiley:

It is fun just playing for the love of the game. Even when I use play-chips online, bankroll management is used to keep them and I simply keep adding to it with the free chips given daily.

I hope to get my real money to match my play-chips someday!

A dream come true :smiley:

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I once played with a group of friends who actually had a bracelet floating around the winners and a book to keep stats! Loads of fun and a fierce battle for bragging rights, for sure :smiley:

It would take away from the revenue that cities, towns and states get from brick and mortar casinos. Online poker sites did not contribute to any such revenue for them.

That isn’t correct. Unless a state has a law prohibiting online poker it isn’t illegal. I live in Florida and it isn’t prohibited. Florida doesn’t offer state-sanctioned online gambling options. However, since the state law doesn’t outlaw or regulate online casinos and real money bets, Floridians can play online poker and gamble with offshore casino and sports betting sites.

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You’re talking about the gambling boats that go offshore of the United States from Florida correct? I think we go out 20 miles for the day or are you telling me if you live in Florida you can play poker for cash online from your house ? .

Yes, I can play poker online from my house. I’m only prohibited by the states that allow online poker in their states. If there isn’t a law on the books against something, it isn’t illegal.

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i agree with most of your sayings . I also started likewise , with poker forums , some poker articles and videos helped me improve my game , At the beginning i was losing deposits every day , playing games for fun . nowadays i have more control generally in gambling , not only poker . And i have improved my gameplay

But i have to say that in poker , when you play , you do not risk only money , but it is also time invested , so if you play 10 hours and win nothing , only lose , you haven’t lost only your money invested , but also your time !!!

Thank you for the info and correction. The last I heard online gambling was illegal in the United States. I will look for states now and apply for a license.

There are quite a few states that don’t have online casinos in their state, but let residents play online elsewhere. Some states prohibit their citizens from playing in online casinos anywhere.

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I believe I read in some of your posts that you are in or were in Rhode Island which is going to allow it in 2024.

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That can be said about anything you attempt and don’t succeed, but if you learned something along the way it isn’t a complete loss.