Do you also play poker for real money?

i am only playing the game for fun, but i am curious how good you have to be to play the game for real money.
because of this i want to ask those three questions:

1: have you at least played it once for real. if yes how many times was it?

2: if yes how much profit/losses did you make?

3: what is your ranking and bankroll on replaypoker?

about all questions: if you don’t know the exact amount, it don’t matter at all. i only ask to mention it so the people who will read this know about that.

I more or less earned a living playing poker online from early 2004 until the passage of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) of 2006, which went into effect in October of that year and made it illegal for me to play for real money.

My ranking here is just under 4,000, my bank just over 1 million, and I bought 375,000 chips once. Until recently, I only played MTTs, and usually play 30 minutes here a day. I’ve been playing here since mid November of last year.

I don’t know the current state of online real money poker, but when I was playing, the lower fixed limit games were full of grinder bots and the mid level no limit games were full of team players. I would guess I lost $4,000 to $5,000 in the first 3 months until I got some experience and learned the lay of the land, so to speak.

You need to know the technical side of the game well, because almost everyone else will. Know the math side of the game inside and out, know concepts like EV, the importance of position, know how to quickly spot tendencies and how to exploit them, etc etc etc. Read a few good poker books as a start. Brunson’s Supersystem is a must, and anything By Sklanski is also good, especially “Theory of Poker,”

Fixed limit holdum is a much more technical game, and a good place to learn the basics. You will have to consistently make statistically correct plays in order to win, and you won’t get wiped out if you make one mistake. It’s a slower paced game where you will win or lose less, but still have a chance to practice putting a player on a range (or specific hand) and master the statistical “bones” of the game.

No limit introduces additional concepts such as bet sizing to alter pot odds, the psychology of bluffing and further stresses the basics. Learning fixed limit first means you won’t be hit by the need to master everything at once. No limit is a brutal, often ugly affair that will have you on an emotional roller coaster ranging from the heights of ecstasy to near suicidal depression, often in the course of a few hands. I love it!

Anyway, hope it helps… good luck!

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you have answered all my questions with a very large explaination and with even more information about it afterwards. you have told a lot and it is very clear so i really like it.
ty for the explaination.

You’re welcome.