Playing Style at low to mid level buy-in's

Due to the amount of limpers or flat-calls basic math regarding pot odds requires putting your money in regardless of the hand held. Poker Stove is an excellent tool but using it here is counter-intuitive to playing within this environment. Where are the games that require fundamental poker smarts? Are they in the upper level buy-in’s of millions of chips?

Most downloads are unstable on this platform. It’s unfortunately somewhat of a challenge to find a bug-free download of PokerStove in 2023. A Google search for the software brings up numerous different places to find the PokerStove download, several of which will spam your computer with malware and other unwanted add-ons.

True. You need the appropriate protection before downloading ANYTHING. I use my (old) version of Poker Stove which comes in handy and there are numerous sites (like Cards Chat) which provide a similar service…to assess pot odds, reverse pot odds and the like… .

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I find the game gets good at 250k/500k depending on the players. Less limping, more bluffing. 3betting with hands other than QQ+. Though you have to first graduate from the passive limpfests at the lower stakes which can be discouraging.

So what happens when you use the download here ?

keep in mind that play money at its core it will never be real poker. Even at the highest stakes.

with that being said advance play is still useful to crush the field even in play money poker.

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Unskilld, thank you for your “spot on” response. You provided the stakes, an indication of the style and even your nickname speaks for itself.
I have a little less than the sum of the small and big blinds as my entire bankroll and my choices were to either focus on obtaining “achievements” or increasing my bankroll. I will never get into the “billiions” that some players have accumulated on this site (pointless) but 30 to 50M will allow playing at the stakes you mentioned.
Hope to see you across the table one of these times!

I’ve never downloaded anything but “Replay” initiated software here. Any third party software downloads I always keep segregated. On certain real money sites you’re not allowed to run tracking or poker playing optimization software…you will be banned for good but on play money sites these restrictions are moot.

You can use plugins here with no negative effect. There are many posted in the threads here with the links.

Agreed. Once I perceive that a play money field is cognizant of advanced play, like you are, then I can start playing properly. It’s with a sense of resignation that I congratulate some donkey who blundered into a set of traps with a “two percenter” rather than grudgingly admitting to someone they outplayed me…the latter is competition the former is fluff.

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The best way to build a bankroll is to play in tournaments because when you win you x your entry stake several times, especially if there are 100 or more players.

It gets much tougher in the higher tournaments that are 250k or more to enter, because there are hardly ever more than 40 players, and some of the opponents are tough, and you will probably always need a stroke of luck on the final table.

I started off with single table sit and goes, but then I switched to mtts, because that was the only way you could make a really big profit.

I have been stuck around half a billion chips for a long time, but I don’t really care anymore. I just play for fun.

I think you will find it difficult to make a big profit playing small stakes ring games.

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You are right on all counts. Thanks for confirming!