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I would like to see an option for people to play for real money on here kinda like Global Poker
they have a free site an pay site

Laws have been passed to prohibit real money play in the United States. As soon as your IP address shows you are in the United States you are blocked from playing for real money.

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There are no laws on the books that prohibit on line poker for real money from being payed within the US. What is against the law is the banking transactions around on line gambling.


Do you play on Global Poker @1stev?

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i have,just on the free version

1sr part is correct - there has not been a single player prosecuted for playing poker online for money in the USA and Federal law does not prohibit it. Outside of a few states, there are no onshore regulated poker sites but there are plenty of unregulated offshore sites that accept US players. I’ve been playing real money online for a few years now and have not had any issues with deposits or withdrawals, though I am careful not to leave too much in any one account. My only bad experience was with ACR and I do not recommend that site to anyone. Here’s just one article on the issue:

UIGEA does not cover players so there is no criminal or civil legal liability from the player standpoint in making transactions.

That being said, Replay Poker is by far the best free poker site I’ve ever seen, at least in my opinion.


I couldn’t agree more. It is not even close.

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