Can I Play Poker Without Losing Money?

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You are so right! Time does weigh heavily into the mix. If you are not having enough fun to consider poker relaxing then it does place a lot of pressure to finish in the money or turn some profit.

I look at it as investing for my retirement, so luckily, I have a few years :smiley:

Thanks for the topic! You have had awesome results in the freerolls! I agree that one of the keys to using freerolls to build your bankroll and hone your skills is to really take the game seriously and play as you would if you had invested a buy in. I think that is very difficult to do at times but will help everyone reap rewards in the long run. If a player can be disciplined and make correct plays in freerolls, it will translate to live play and to online money games. Good luck on the felt and hope you realize your poker dreams!

There is a bill pending but we already have 2 casinos in the smallest state in the country.

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The grind is real and gets intense when you keep putting your money into the mix. To be honest, I tend to feel less pressure to make certain plays in the free-rolls and get to experiment quite a bit. It also does translates to other low buy-in tournaments on many occasions - you get to think about what is the right percentage play here, as opposed to “I do not want to lose my money” type pressure. Free-rolls are definitely a good training ground!

It is LEGAL to play online poker for money-sure is in my state of Pa. I even get a 1099 form (when you win more than $600.00 in a year gambling) from the poker sites and from the fantasy sports sites i play on each year. I got 6 different one’s last year…BUT i would tell most ppl. to just play on re-play for fun and enjoy yourself as it gave me an ulcer…

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It would be convenient but I have Ballys Twin River Casino 15 minutes from my house which has the largest square footage of gaming space in the country.

I don’t think the bill will pass in the Rhode Island legislature but I’m ok with that. Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun Casino in Connecticut is also 45 minutes away not to forget Massachusetts Casinos.

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It was passed three months ago.
Rhode Island will become the seventh US state with legal online casino gaming. Last week, Democratic Governor Daniel McKee signed two identical bills, SB 948 and HB 6348, into law. Both authorize online casino gaming and, as a bonus, multi-state online poker. Jun 26, 2023


Busy summer for me but whatever brings in much needed revenue is alright with me, thanks for looking that up :+1:t2:

If you play on CardsChat freerolls and at the same time reach the Platinum level, then you can build a good bankroll and at the same time you can lose your time, but not your money.

I think one of the most important aspects of playing poker without losing money is being adequately bankrolled for the stakes that you’re playing, and avoiding the temptation to play above your bankroll. I too have deposited on poker sites and lost my money because I tried to play stakes that were too high for me. Better to be patient, study the game, and build a bankroll playing free rolls and small field tournaments.


There’s an old gambling axiom which goes along with your same sentiments which is … Never play with Scared Money.


Great Post Redboy,

It is amazing to see you take on board all this info out there and apply it.

Congrats on growing your roll.

BE careful, pick your spots and you can do really well fir yourself.

Great Post Redboy23,

in my opinion it´s always possible to loose money @pokertable because if you playing years there will be a downswing i think and the possibility to loose some money from your bankroll is well known under poker pro´s because many of them had bad years in the past!
I would say if you alway play with small buy in´s and always stick to the freerolls where you get cash from then it´s great but there will be the point you try playing at higher levels and better villains - so the chance will be higher to loose buy in and getting no cash ;-)!

Otherwise you reached a nice bankroll and make a cashout, lets say 50% and with the other 50% you play on and reach again your old balance in several months for example this tactic would be the perfect way for amateur players who doesnt want to loose “his” money.
if you play always buy-ins with 1-2$ and your bankroll is over 1000$ you will try your luck somedays at higher level and its always more difficult to profit on higher levels!

Some good points here.

The only thing I maybe disagree is about playing play money poker to practice your skills. I think the best thing is to have the ability to take 80-100$, make deposit at a poker site and start practising with real money, capitalizing the first deposit bonuses+rakebacks+various other offers of the site too.

The other thing I want to add is the paramount importance of having good mentorship and guidance by a coach. I made this mistake at my beginning of my poker journey and it costed me money losing at the tables and a lot of wasted time.


-Find good site with plenty of bonuses and offers.
-Play real money poker.
-Strict bankroll management.
-Finding guidance online through poker training sites, or even better getting coaching.

Free sites are great practice for learning to read board texture, paying attention to how your opponents play, learning ranges, etc. It will help immensely knowing these things if you plan on playing for money in the future. Having said that, you can also learn some bad habits that could carry over to real money poker if you try to apply these to your game. Habits such as: limping with marginal hands hoping to make a hand, or limping altogether, playing bad hands and hoping for luck, playing too often out of position, calling too often, not raising often enough, not realizing that every hand that has an ace isn’t always a good hand, etc. You can get away with playing like that on Replay due to the weak play by so many here, and that you don’t really lose anything when you lose. But play like that for real and you’ll get your A$$ handed to you and you won’t know what went wrong.


I read 8 articles by members of our community today and it really looks amazing. :blush:

How interesting topics are raised by participants, and despite how much, for example, people write about bankroll, your article still looks very interesting and it is very useful material.

I fully support your position that novice poker players are simply obliged to join any poker community.

It would seem, why?

But the answer literally lies on the surface.
Any poker community is just a storehouse of useful information, tips and discussions. This is a very important part for the professional growth of a player.
You will have the opportunity to exchange experiences, learn something new, sort out your mistakes and just find like-minded people.

Poker goals are very good advice and it’s really difficult to set a goal and follow it.
The goals set help to discipline the game and this is also very important. But the most important thing is not to set mythical goals for yourself, which obviously cannot be fulfilled.
If you are a beginner player, you do not need to make a challenge to yourself - to collect a $1000 bankroll.
Goals should be really real and perhaps, at the first stage, they should not be associated with money. Poker goals may be aimed not at increasing the bankroll, but at improving your own game: for example, you can set a goal for yourself - to participate in at least 5 tournaments a week.
Or find a decent training course and set a goal for yourself - to increase the level of your game (no matter how much - it is important not to stand still).
To achieve this goal, set a number of tasks for yourself:

  • to study for at least an hour every day for a month;
  • to identify shortcomings in your own game;
  • to understand what you need to pay more attention to.

Poker is a vast world and a lot of exciting things happen here all the time. Immerse yourself in this world and poker will definitely take its place in your heart.:slightly_smiling_face:


Well, in poker are two paths, the freerider path (freerolling) or the invest path (playing with your own money) for goals of profits. Also you can invest in other players (Buy actions, stakes for % of profits), anyway like all " Game gambles", risk is involved, so you always may loose money. So the fundamental issue for me is… when you play poker (freerolls or not, stakes actions), You do it becouse you want to make money, some extra cash or for a living or just for fun besides theres a profit or not?

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Can I Play Poker Without Losing Money? You can play here & not lose any money. If you lose all you’ll lose is free chips… if you don’t buy any.


It is impossible to play poker and not lose money. I am sure that it has happened to all of us at some point that we have lost our entire bankroll, but if we have consistency, dedication to studying and always seeking to improve our game, we can also say that there is a lot of money we can win. although it may not seem easy but it is possible

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Absolutely, freerolls can be a great starting point for building a bankroll without investing personal funds. It’s like the ‘training wheels’ for future buy-in events. Makes sense, right?

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