Buying chips?

In a site that means basically you’re just playing for fun, why would you buy chips? I can’t quite figure why you would do that if the game really means nothing, but you buys chips anyway? Is there something I’m missing here?

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There are as many answers as there are players here, I suppose. I know some people on here with a large amount of chips who still buy chips because they want to support the site. They see it as cheap entertainment. This site is “free” because someone is purchasing chips. It costs money to run this site just like any other.
I will say it again as I have before;
If you buy chips, Thank you!!!


Very well said @FlKayak and @ddaafternoons it probably wouldn’t be free if those folks that support the site didn’t buy chips. So I encourage you to also & help this Great Community to stay a free site my friend.
As always GL at the Tables & have a lot of fun !!


Everyone should buy a premium membership to help it remain a free site.

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Why? People pay to get extra stuff on apps or pay to download monopoly on their phone, or whatever

Thank you for all the answers. I appreciate your taking time to answer my question.

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This is something I gave a bit of thought to. And here is what I came up with.

We pay for all kinds of entertainment. Movies, Restaurants, Baseball and Football Games, Plays, Hobbies, Game Subscriptions, Collections, Books, etc.

Replay poker is another form of entertainment. Since entertainment is subjective, you don’t have to explain why you spend money on those things that bring you pleasure. I hope this helps.

I do have to admit. I’ve never spent money on a poker game site. I have spent hundreds of dollars on other online games. I’ve thought about spending money here and on another poker site I play at. But I’ve never had a reason to. I would though.


People buy chips to keep the site operational, or at least some do and you should be thankful that they do. I’m sure you

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realize that lol

Thanks for your reply. I understand it supports the program. I wouldn’t buy chips because it would involve using my credit card. I will not do that. I’ve already been scammed before. Got my tail feathers burned pretty good on the very sophisticated trick. I’m not saying Replay would do that, not at all, but I just wouldn’t put my card out there for a game. But, I don’t need all the smart ass answers, not saying yours is, just others. I was thinking by purchasing chips you’d be entitled to play tournaments where you can win gifts or money. That’s all I was wondering.

You can’t put a price on someone’s happiness. Spend it now enjoying life !

We’re still a free-to-play site, but we are always thankful to anyone who supports Replay. :heart:


I appreciate those that buy chips that support the site.
I’m with ddaafternoons, don’t want to involve my credit card so I don’t buy chips.
If there was an address, I would consider sending a check to support the site, had a lot of fun here in the last 7 years.

Hi @TheKnutts , Great idea, mailing a check for chips or premium membership. Replay doesn’t accept donations any longer. I believe the best way to support the site is buy a premium membership, but you can of course buy chips for you or a friend as well. I understand concerns from some about their personal credit cards. There is a way around that, buy purchasing a pre-paid debit card at a certain amount, vsa/matercard etc, which would eliminate any concerns. As always have fun and GL at the tables my friend!

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Won’t be buying any chips, but thanks to those that do. Its one of the few sites out there that don’t bombard you with ads.


Support informed me the site doesn’t accept donations. as mentioned earlier and it is not possible to mail a check for purchases. All transactions have to go through the sites, online system.

I believe the best method for anyone, that doesn’t want to use their personal card’s would be to purchasing a pre-paid debit card at a certain amount, vsa/matercard etc.

Thanks again to you, my friend and everyone who wants to support the site!


Thanks for the idea about prepaid cards, one of these days I may do that.

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Thank you @Litenin for being proactive in assisting players. Your suggestion to use prepaid cards is good, but users just have to make sure they can use it for international transactions. I’ve seen some Visa prepaid cards that don’t allow purchases outside the U.S.

Have a wonderful day! :slight_smile:

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One of the best features fairly New on replay is “Buy Chips for Friends”
I do that as a form of support, and for usually New players, and only those that are Very Nice people, showing a willingness to learn. (No "All Inners) I believe it is a Fantastic way to show support for the site when they themselves need no chips.
Could only be made better by allowing a player to buy chips for Any Player.
Danell, gl all !

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