Honest question...what's the point of BUYING points?

I’m new to the site and dont understand why there would be a need to purchase points?
Isn’t this just a fun, free play site? You can’t win money or tangible prizes.

Unless I’m missing something. Thanks!

Hi Jess,
Some folks here purchase chips in order to play at a higher stakes level than their bankroll can afford. They may have a bunch of friends playing at a higher level and wish to join them.
Some folks here purchase chips in order that Replay Poker can pay their bills and afford to keep the site up and running. There are currently a bunch of geeks working at upgrading to HTML5 and somebody has to feed those. I have no idea what geeks eat but I bet it costs a bit. Then ya gotta clothe and house them… (shudderrrr…)


Let us all be greatful to those that buy chips,otherwise we would not have a great site to play at.
And my mother has told me every chance she gets …NOTHING IN LIFE IS FREE.
gl at the tables


It depends on what you want to get out of the game. No offense intended, but the lowest stakes are populated by people at the “what beats what” stage of understanding, and this is only a tiny fraction of the game’s potential. If you want to one day be an artist, you shouldn’t only do paint by numbers “art.”

Most gamers don’t think twice before spending $50, $60, or more on a game they will be tired of in a few weeks, poker is a game that can hold your interest for the rest of your life.

If you already have a decent understanding of the game, the lowest stakes will be frustrating. Sure, you can grind through the chaos and eventually move up to a better experience, but what’s all that frustration worth? On the other hand, if you are new to poker, the lowest stakes will either teach you bad habits or sour you on the game forever.

Taking advantage of the first time chip buyer’s bonus helps support the site. It lets you move up to a better experience faster. It can also encourage you to play better, since you will be playing whith chips that mean something to you.


Thanks all. Much appreciate the thoughtful responses.