Bust The Staff Oct 19, 2023 - Let's Bust TheReplayKing

In case you haven’t noticed a special Player, TheReplayKing will be playing in this month’s Bust The Staff tourney. Notice the 200k chips to knock him or her out. I have the feeling it will be like shooting Fish in a barrel.


Sounds like fun, hope I can make it.

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isnt this a pay to play event?

1K entry fee and every non staff player has a 1K bounty in addition to the much higher staff bounties. Usuallly has one of the larger fields each moth too. Very good tournament which unfortunately I rarely get my schedule to allow me to play it.

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According to the write-up the bounties have been increased for Staff to 100k per. It’s unclear about the non-staff bounties but I’m hoping it’s the same. So, it will be open Fishing Season next week because there will be so many Fishes.


You should be able to afford it.


I hope you can too especially since you’ll have a bounty.


It is going to be a lot of fun. I will definitely be there.


Sounds lilke fun now if we could get an extra bounty on @Goatsoup


I meant do you need Premium Membership to play… I thought the staff MTTs were for RP staff & PM players only…

No, this is an additional feature for the monthly Bust-The-Staff tournament which I’m assuming will only be available to celebrate Replay’s 18th birthday bash.

Noticed the Tournament name is different for this month which is labeled Replay’s 18th Birthday Bust the Staff so, if you have your Favs Only box checked, the game may not show up in your Lobby page.


Good advice & believe if successful, could be an annual event. I expect to see the tourney break 1K players.