Bust The Staff MTT

Was playing earlier today and was thinking, yes as usuall …
Thought, since it attracts freeroll #s of ppl, your chance of see’n a staff person is not that good and most times you might not see any, let alone bust one out. 1 kewl way to connect with this MTT is special ( this only MTT broadcasts ) and only 3 so its not rediculious… they would be the following 3 examples…

Broadcast: (Player name) just busted out (Staff member) for a bounty of XXX chips.
Broadcast: (Staff member) is on the ropes. ( less than 10% of starting chips, or 3 BB )
Broadcast: (Staff member) is back in the hunt. ( comming from “on the ropes only” , more than 40% of starting chips or 12 BB )

Bounced this off of JanCee while playing, maybe it is dumb, but said I’d post the idea anyway. I also told her what response I might get… but this more connects the players that may never see a staff person to the action, it also alerts us to how many might be left (staff) that we can still hunt for the bounty…

Those were example numbers, but I kept it simple and you should @least get the “jist” of the idea… just a way to more connect everyone in that 1 MTT only.



That is a fun idea. It could apply to more tournaments than just the BTS, with a special ‘‘chat box’’ that would provide some ‘‘in-tournament breaking news’’ on players doing well…or not. I like the idea. Thanks for the suggestion! I will add the idea to the list.

Also, our BTS promotion will have a fun yearly leaderboard attached to it from January, based on the number of knockouts (all knockouts, not only staffs) players get in the 12 BTS tournament of the years. We are working on adding this one up.



That sounds like a great idea. I was fortunate enough to sit at different tables with a combined total of 2 Staff, 3 Player Reps and 1 Mod. That was a first for me with that many. Didn’t bust them out lol but came in 20th overall.

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@Shakeraise, I really like the “in-tournament breaking news” feature. Readers who play with me regularly can tell you that I’ll make announcements like the following:

  • “On the bubble - don’t bust now!” - Only one player left to knock out before prizes are awarded
  • “Welcome to the money!” - That player just got knocked out
  • “Welcome to the final table!” - The MTT is down to one table
  • “Catch you on the flip side.” - Heading into a break
  • “Welcome back!” - After a break ends

The only downside I see with this is that people like me will chat a little less. Certainly not the end of the world - I promise, I’ll still try to keep it lively! - just pointing out that it’s not a 100% win.


There are hundreds of us on the site that give updates and encouragement in the chat box.

I think Sarah came up with a win, win. I see no downside to it personally, you can still be a cheerleader like a lot of folks here.

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I like that idea Sarah… reminds me of the breaking news alerts you get on sky news or cnn :wink:


Well Shakeraise,

Usually on other sites, I’d just have the MTT lobby open to keep track and due to severe lag because this is a no-DL site with the 200++ ppl MTTs, I don’t do that. Also for the same reason I don’t try and use that chatbox to chat with. I actually would love to nest the 2 chats on my screen and use both , but so few ppl use the other one its also kinda pointless for that reason.

I also was trying to keep it simple, wasn’t trying to I guess make it totally interactive… just that in that 1 MTT its nice to know who’s still around. And yes Shakeraise, the reason I did the "only from ropes → 40%+ " , is ya can’t have endless broadcasts for a player who bounces between 2bb and 4bb every other frick’n hand. I’d settle for even just the broadcast for a “bounty” player (staff/mod/prep) letting us know they just got busted out. Obviously, other than the busted out msg, its what u guys think might spice up that MTT, but yeah it usually attracts over 200 ppl every time, so sometimes ya never see a bounty player but ya wanna know how they are doing.

I gotta say, for the 1st time I got to play with, and see a few staff yesterday, like Craig said… and (for me) that gold type gave me a headache, the eyestrain was terrible… please consider some chg to that… :wine_glass:


I was going to mention the gold type. Too light Sarah major eye strain as you said. Gold star is fine but I was thinking something bolder perhaps a dark red like maroon. To bad the site wide broadcasts can’t be eliminated for just that tourney, that way we don’t have to sift through it to stay with what’s messages in the chat box and now the possibility of status updates.

So is it going to be Sarah or Sassy?

Just want to be polite.

Sarah or Sassy? … I usually just put “SS” but I don’t like to think what people must think with me logging in from Germany showing the German flag rofl


I think this is a fantastic idea and hope it is implemented! I also love the idea of a yearly leaderboard! I think the leaderboard should also Include the number of times you finish “In the money.” as well as knockouts!

Merry Christmas!!! :christmas_tree::santa: