Bust the staff tournament question

Hello I played in the bust the staff tournament for the first time today and I was wondering is there a way in it to tell who is staff and who isn’t as I could not tell on my table so I was just wondering

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Staff has a gold star or something next to their name.

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Also, the player reps have a bounty on them, I think it’s currently 10k.

They don’t have a star next to their name so, it’s a good idea to ask if there are any reps playing at your table and when they respond it’s noted in the chat box.

And then, go after them.


It was the same thing I thought was that player reps and mods the pay out was 10,000. But yesterday when I was knocked out of the bust the staff I noticed the pay out was 1,000 to the player that knocked me out. I thought to myself what is this… So now I don’t know if that is still true.

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Could it be Replay’s version of deflation?

But, I think you’ve ID’d a new error in the programming. According to the Bust the Staff description bounties are 50k per Staff, 10k per rep and 1k for each player knocked out.


I too played my first one this month, and I wish the reps and staff had something on their pic to show who they are. Just saying maybe that could happen. I mean I am the last one to be afraid of. :slight_smile:

The staff have a gold star next to their avatar on the table! You cannot miss it!


Guess I didn’t play any. I will try another one sometime. Thanks grapevine.

The Truth is the last year or so, I stopped asking whether there were any Reps at my tables because I got kinda lazy. Now, I just go after everyone.

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