Bring Black Jack game back

can u bring back black jack i think i a good ides where low players instead of going to bank all time as they complain time on loans to long can play black jack to get more chips instead of waiting on bank to give loans

dont completely understand what game is saying, but it would be kool if perhaps there was a black jack program, where ya didnt need chips, and could kill some time- for the players who need chips, and also for players killing itmes before tourneys! Dont know exactly how black jack comp[etetions work, but perhaps something there… Flemingo

I played blaackjaaack in the GTA game …pretty well ! :smiley:

u think it be good idea on here if so please vote

Did blackjack ever go live on RP, years and year ago? It was before my time, so I’m not sure. I remember we used to have a link to it, coming soon… but that eventually got removed altogether? Right now we’re focussed 100% on the poker, so I’d prefer it if we added new types of poker and tournaments first; before considering any other games, like blackjack.

yes black jack did work for a couple years before we changed over to beta but was never bought back

Interesting… do you remember how well it worked? For example did it follow all the rules of poker, have all the features you’d expect? Was it multiplayer, or single player?

it was a single player game worked well but i think it should come back as multiplayer game be more interesting

not sure if it followed rules of poker didnt look into it sorry

Opps, I meant to say did it follow the rules of blackjack, not poker! So we’ve done a bit of digging and found the old blackjack game, still could take quite a bit of effort to get it going again, but we’ll at least take a look to see if it’s possible to bring it back.

thats great news many txs paul my fingers r crossed that it can be done