Ok 1 more time 7 card stud please

ok 1 more time 7 card stud please

Hey frankie!

We hear you. We’re working on some new templates for games and I’ll make sure to add 7-card stud to the list of good ideas, if it’s not already there. Thanks for letting us know!


And while we are at it, how about 5 card draw? Will be awsome

I made a thread several years back to add more poker type games and 7 card stud 5 card draw were a couple I mention
one game I like to see as well is called crazy pineapple it kinda combines Omaha and hold’em together here is how it works
preflop: you dealt 3 hole cards and round of betting
flop: you will see a flop and another round of betting after the round of betting each player still in the hand will select 1 of the 3 cards to discard so you are left with 2 cards and then its just normal hold’em on turn and river

Whoa whoa, I’m still getting used to Omaha Hi/Lo!

crazy pineapple is easier my opinion only hard part sometimes is deciding what card to get rid of and other times its simple

Honestly, I’d much rather have more regular ol’ PLO games than Hi/Lo. PLO is becoming a more and more popular game every day, and it surprises me to see it almost never on Replay. Stud would be awesome too… but I think PLO should be a higher priority, at least to run more game of it. :smile:

There are plenty of PLO tables, it just doesn’t seem very popular at the moment :pensive:

As for the new poker games types, I’ve got good and bad news. The bad news is that unfortunately you’re going to have to wait that little bit longer, probably until next year. The good news, is that the new poker server that we’re building will make it super easy to add new games types and variations. That means you can expect to see all the major poker types, plus a lot more niche poker types, not available online elsewhere. Our intention is to offer the most varieties of poker, of any online poker site out there (real money or play money), period. :smiley:

ok thanks for the update