Other poker variations

I wish there was a 7 Stud Game offered here.


Second that!

This has been suggested on more than 1 occasion over the years.
MrReplay CEO
Apr '11
Thanks for the suggestions and it’s great to hear positive feedback. We definitely plan to add these variations of poker to the site. The first new type of poker that will be supported is 5 Card Draw. I hope we can start working on it this month and after lots of testing, make this available on the site in May.
MrReplay CEO
Jan '16
Definitely! It’s coming… just a question of when. We’re making some fairly major changes under the bonnet that will enable us to continue supporting a growing community and which will make adding new poker variations a breeze. Stay tuned!

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Gosh, doesn’t time fly! As you might have guessed, other priorities came along and the other for those variations never materialised. I’ve learnt my lesson, and won’t be make predictions. But the good news is that we still plan to add more variations. We’ve bow been working on a brand new poker server since the middle of last year that will support the HTML5 client that replaces Flash. It’s very close for Alpha testing, and going forward it’ll be MUCH easier to add support for new poker variants. So don’t lose hope quite yet!


I’d be interested in any variant that plays in such a manner so as to reduce “bingo” play. For example, as much as I have enjoyed playing RAZZ in the past, I suspect trying to play it here would be much like playing ROYAL. Nine players at a table and family pots pre-flop nearly every hand. NOT poker… Stud could be the ticket since the cards are pealed one at at time after the deal. Personally, I am not a big fan of STUD, but were a high/low version offered that could be of interest to me.

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Patience. Bingo works right up until it doesn’t. The 7 card game has variations and I wasn’t really suggesting only stud. Pokerstars is still there, and I’ve played a few sng’s with friends, but the opposite is true in that there are 1.3 million choices(jk, of course) and I end up sticking to NL Holdem. Isn’t it ironic? don’t Ya think?


has anyone considered a holdem format where the only options are fold, or go all in? you could add unlimited rebuys, so people could play for a long, long time.

Essentially RP already has that, the 500 chip rebuy tourney. Bingo at its best, or worst depending upon your preference.

I would like to see Razz, 7 stud, and stud h/l.

I would also love to see mixed game tourneys. HORSE, for example, would be a lot of fun played with a new game each blind level.

In the future it would be great to see feature tournaments including many variations of poker. Imagine a promotion where you only collect points from your first qualifying game. 4 games a day to include all time zones.
Monday… …5 card draw
Tuesday… …Omaha
Wednesday…Southern cross
Thursday…7 card stud
Friday…Texas hold-em
Saturday… Razz
Sunday… Leaders choice where the points leader gets to choose the final game between Royal, Omaha hi-lo, Horse and 5 card stud

Eggs. Act. Lee. I concur, SPG.

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being a beginner, i’ve played that one a time or two. lately, it’s been just to see how much i could accumulate by the break. 3x the second stack, last time. Bingo, but not mindless bingo. After that, it’s a long tourney, without a whole lot of payout.
However, i have played at tables that saw only a couple of shoves, the entire rebuy time. (one was me, as i recall). there are probably a lot of beginners who miss out on one of the tournaments made for them, because of that aspect.
i wasn’t really serious in my last post, but on second thought, maybe putting all the bingo players in one tournament where they just kept feeding it chips, might not be such a bad thing to look at.

I would also like to see 7 card stud added in the ring games.
It is my all time favorite game!

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