New poker games

I would like to see more poker game types on this site. instead of same 3 games. I would like to see 5 card draw,5 card stud, 7 card stud and pineapple. I think be a great addition. It will give players chance play different poker games instead of the same 3 everyday

When Paul, agreed to set up league tourneys on his site. We discussed adding more poker games options. I am sure this idea is under consideration.

Great idea Trav!!! We are inviting a lot of our friends to play here and I would like to see more variety of games. I love the Royal game and I play whenever I can but there’s not a lot of them. I love Replay Poker. Keep up the good work

Since this a fair site with no cheating and no money involved to play I have an Idea! Let’s have a tournament and put five to 10 players in the World series of Poker! Boy would this site be running hard. Thanks, Fish18

Thanks for the suggestions and it’s great to hear positive feedback. We definitely plan to add these variations of poker to the site. The first new type of poker that will be supported is 5 Card Draw. I hope we can start working on it this month and after lots of testing, make this available on the site in May.

Thanks Paul. Its a great idea. cant wait to see the new poker games on replay

the new features on replay are nice, but replay how about a huge update like adding new game options. our league likes playing our no limit tournaments here. our league would like to have more game options and also be great for replay poker too have more game options then just same 3 everyday .

Thanks for the feedback trav790300. Sure, what’s the top 3 game options you’d like to see?

our league been asking 5 card draw 7 card stud and crazy pineapple 5 card stud.

i just feel this get more people to play on replay with more games choose from then just holdem royal omaha

Definitely agree, and we will be adding more game types. There’s just a few more urgent tasks to do before we get round to it. Thanks for the feedback

We need 7-2 triple draw, 5 and 7 card stud, and still would like to see a NL/POT Limit tables. Have it Pot limit pre flop and NL post flop in both Omaha and Hold em… This would be great in tour formats. It builds up the pot sizes and creates more action pre flop and eliminates the ones who play bingo pre flop and pray they hit. 1 more maybe would be Omaha Hi/Lo in a tournament. IMO there is not enough Omaha played here as it is,

bumping this idea to top. would really like see this done soon. im surpirse others have not said anything else on this topic its a great idea that would get more players and more game options choose from then just holdem royal and omaha

bump to the top

bump to top vote on this idea ppl so can get done fast MORE POKER OPTIONS

It’s certainly a good way to encourage votes!

just dont see why this is taken long time to add to site. i requested this idea 10 months ago and have seen other thing requested after my idea and has already been done. for example the colored deck option not many ppl voted on that and was added to site

It might help if I try and explain how we decide what to work on next. We have a long to-do list of things we’d love to add to the site right away. Unfortunately, we only have limited resource so we always try and prioritise the things which we think will be most effective and beneficial to the site. A significant amount of time goes into making the platform more stable, so every little bug that gets reported we immediately jump on it, as it’s our no.1 priority to make the site reliable and fair to everyone. Once those pesky bugs are out of the way, we have time to wok on either new features for the players on the site, or features that help us behind the scenes, perhaps in the moderation, collusion detection, or scheduling of tournaments etc. The latter might now be visible to normal players but it can save us a lot of time in the long run and help everyone do their jobs more effectively. Finally there’s the features that players want to see, and for those we decide based on a combination of factors, firstly how popular they are in the support forums, thirdly, how long and difficult they are to implement and thirdly, how many players would benefit from the new features and fourthly, is it helping to attract new players to the site, or retain existing players. The example you mentioned of the colored deck option was very simple to add, which is one of the main reasons why we did it early. Adding new types of poker however are a lot more complicated because of all the rules we need to be aware of and ensuring that we model the game correctly and integrate using the existing methods we have. Having said that, I’m really keen to get some new games of poker on the site, I think it’s definitely one of the ways that we can differentiate ourselves from other play money sites. So I hope we can start work on it very soon.

fixing the bugs i understand that needs to be done right away have no problem with that

i understand it take sometime to add these new games

by adding these new games i think it would attract new players and retain existing players. all players would benefit from this having more poker game options

I can’t wait for a 5 card draw or stud game!!! HURRY :slight_smile:

Just to give you all an update. We’re continuing to fix small bugs as and when they reported. Each time you report an issue here on Get Satisfaction or the staff/mods report something to us, then we prioritise it depending on how many people it affects and the nature of the error. For example a bug that affected the actual game of poker would be high priority, whereas a bug where your top hands are showing duplicate hands would be less urgent. At the same time we’re working on making sure that we have the capacity to support 1000s of players at once. This is a long time project and we’re making good progress and the majority of the work will be completed in the next month or two. We’re also working on a slightly updated version of the website that will go live in the next few weeks. Certainly within the next six months I would expect we would start to add the various other types of poker, starting with 5 card draw.

Really if this site could award some small prizes, if it had some more cash, which i understand it doesnt, but some sort of gift certificate perhaps, to start with, really if it warded anything which it could approach like netflicks, pizza hut, and yes ideally some sort of small buy in or free roll tourney that would really bump things up. See how many players do free rolls, just for the free chips! Anyway just an idea… Flemingo Kid