Additional Game Types

I would love to see fixed limit games, especially fold’um. This would be a big help to newer players.

I would also love to see 7 card stud high/low eights or better just because it’s a good game.

I agree but I believe there are some other threads addressing this matter.

There are several Fixed Limit Holdem ring game tables and a couple Fixed Limit SnGs.

For MTTs Fixed Limit tournaments are not planned, but we have every 3 hours 2 Bankroll Builders Mixed Limit Holdem (pot limit pre flop - no limit after flop)

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There are fixed limit ring games? Who knew!? I never noticed them, maybe I should open both eyes next time. I would rather play no limit anyway, but fixed is a good way to learn the basics without going broke. Also a good game for those who hate bingo.

Yeah, I understand no fixed MTTs… they run too long usually.

7 stud hi/lo is a great game.

How about Razz?

Badugi? LOL (this is a sick form of 4 card triple draw lowball)

I would like to see stud added.