Replay should offer blackjack for when we want a break from poker…

then we have to name the site replayblackjack :stuck_out_tongue:


Prolly why they have ROYAL :wink:

I could play some blackjack!

I’m not sure blackjack is in the cards for Replay, but we do have quite a few other poker formats to consider in the future!

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Future??? I’ve been hearing that for over 2 years lol…better get on it !! I aint getting no younger :slight_smile:

I worked at a casino for a while after college while while waiting for a teaching position to open and always had time after work to play some blackjack while I waited for my shuttle.

I got very good playing 3rd base ( last seat before the dealer) by watching the cards dealt face up to other players and calculating the odds of a face card coming to me or passing it to the dealer for a bust and won lots of money busting the dealer.

Blackjack is one of the few poker games where card counting can increase your chances of winning and why if you do it and win big and get caught you get banned by casinos.

Most casinos now are using multiple decks to prevent card counters from having any advantage but you still find single deck blackjack in a few casinos.

In holdem your only advantage is if you are fast at calculating odds on hands and you have to do it for several possible combinations for your own hand and your opponents based on the flop, turn and river.

If you are good and can put your opponent on a hand then you will know whether to fold, play or possibly bluff.

In most cases when I lose a big hand it is because I misread an opponents hand or they stayed against a big bet on a bad odds hand and hit a lucky inside straight or flush on the river.

That happens more on free chip poker where there is no real risk so players play any cards and will take high risk chances to see if they hit so I don’t take it too seriously when they do it unless it is a higher ranked player that should know better.

By the way- if you play blackjack 3rd base is the only seat that can determine the outcome of the game.