Bounty Hunter problem Jan 8

I tried to register for the Bounty Hunter today. I could not get registered so I logged out and came back and the site was shut down for maintennce. I did not try to get back on until later and my 10000 chips were gone. Do not know if I can get them back but thought I would try. Please let me know if you can help me. Other than this it is a great site. Thank you hredmike

Hi hredmike

Best in such cases is send a email to Explain what happened and they can look into it and refund the buy-in if needed.

I’ll send it for you and ask to refund the buy-in, yesterday the site was down for a short time.

Greetings Happiness.

Sent them a message also and thank you very much. I am not upset about it as these things happen. Still a great site.

Sorry to hear that hredmike, we’ve recently had to take the site down at short notice to fix something. In future we intend to notify players beforehand and only do this at scheduled times each week, so this sort of thing doesn’t happen. If you’ve sent a message to support then we’ll refund your buy-in.

Paul, Please check on refund as I think it as refunded twice. The last time by Andrew Morris today the 22 of Jan. Thank you

Thanks for reporting the extra refund. I just checked and can confirm your suspicions were right. You were refunded twice. Given you’ve been so honest, we’re more than happy for you to keep the extra chips. Enjoy!