i was in the sunday millions sat tourny saturday at 4 the first 4 hands i was in the blind 1 hand small blind 2nd hand big blind 3rd and 4th hands small blind why is this

Can you provide hand number by any chance?

Hi Jmon.

Do you remember other players joined the room by late registration? If they fill up seats between dealers button and blinds it is possible you had more often the blinds. Need a change if that is the case. I hope you have the hand number.

I notice in tourneys that as number of players are changed and added that I have the same problems. Depends are where you are sitting, who is added to the table and in what positions. I have adjusted to “always being in the blind” syndrome. Experience this also with some regularity.

Yes, but it is not always possible to avoid. Players fall out of the tournament and let free seats behind that new players (or player from an other table) fill again. Then it is possible that you have just had the bb in the previous room and get it back right away in your new room. That is something you can not avoid.

Often i see is the new playrs have to wait one hand in the new room, that is good, than the players in the current room not gets 2 times the BB.

Think the problem is when there are more than 1 free seat filled up between the dealer button and the blinds.

I think there are two schools of thought, when you merge tables in an MTT you can either try and influence where people are sat, or you make it totally random. If it’s totally random then over time every one should be affected the same way so it should be fair - sometimes you’ll end up paying blinds lose to each other, others you wont. Or you can try and position people based on where they were sat before, but that starts to get complicated and over time wouldn’t be any better than a more random approach. I’d be interested to know how the real money poker sites deal with this, do they also do it random or try and balance things?