Does anybody actually like 6 handed MTTs?

There seems to be an awful lot of them. Every tourney I’ve looked at today has been a 6-handed. I really don’t like playing them. For a free poker site, the blind levels are good. 6-8 minutes is more than reasonable but in a 6 handed game, it’s the same as playing 2-3 minute levels. There’s been a couple of low stakes tourney today, with dozens of people, including a freeroll with over 100 people, that have been 6 handed. You might as well be playing the lottery really, the speed the blinds go up. That many people should be 9 handed without question or shadow of a doubt.

If there are enough people that agree with me, and prefer 9 handed games, perhaps replay could increase the number of 9 handed games and decrease the number of 6 handed games.

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I like playing 6 max so I think it’s great to have 6 max MTTs. However I don’t play low stakes MTT so not sure if the “lottery” feeling is due to the number of players at the table or simply the low stakes.

To be honest I’ve played 2 MTTs at 15k buy-in today full ring and I’ve found that there’s as much bingo play as in the 6 max tourneys. Get used to it and adjust because I have yet to see a tournament that feels “normal” in the early goings. When the blinds levels gets to 150/300 you can actually make people fold pf. Before that it’s almost impossible.

You’ll have to approach it with a pure value mindset, it’s the only one that works.

I mean that its a “lottery” because blinds are leveled at the same time frame as 9 handed and with 6, there’s obviously less hands between levels. Especially in a tourney with dozens, if not hundreds of players.

But if there’s people that like it, then I stand corrected.

Perhaps freerolls etc should be 9 though?

I try to avoid these tables as well.

I play 15% of my hands, (according to my stats) and these tables just eat my chips up with a spoon.

Maybe if my personal hand range was more diverse…like some other people who play the whole deck at any given time, I might not mind as much having to play so many blinds.

I’m not following, there are more hands played per hour at 6 max than at full ring. So there are actually more hands between two levels of blinds. Are you saying that you are more often in SB and BB?

I’m confused sorry :blush:

I do not like 6 handed tables at all, whether ring games or tournaments. I lived in Vegas for about 18 years, until late 2014 and never saw a 6-handed game except in the WSOP.