Small blind not acting first after flop

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David was sb and first x acted first and then me? I have seen some strange behavior corcerning blinds before and this might fix them also… And why when new players sit to table small blind can jump across the table that the real small blind doesn’t need to pay half bb? I would like if blinds would work like in other sites, meaning that you would never have to pay bb 2x in row (what happens when you are bb and then player sits middle of you and dealer or something).

The blinds are connected to the dealers button Jomar comes back from sitting out, he has to pay the extra blind. He also get the dealers button (he came back during the previous hand)

I think he had to wait 1 hand to play, with the message, Jomar can play after the dealer button. Or the dealers button had to pass him. David the dealers button and Manu and X the blinds, and Jomar the extra blind. Right?

Can’t watch the hand again (or search it from 10k hands :slight_smile: ) so i really can’t comment your reply because i’m not 100% sure what happened. I just thought that it was weird when player plays last when i thought he would play first ^^.

There is a little bug when a player comes back from sit out and he has / or get the dealer button or he comes back in the middle of the blinds. Not sure they fix it now or when the site switch over to html5 and make a total table update.(total pot and few little things more)

Hi separi, to play the hand again you just add it to the url like this:

Does that allow you to comment to happiness’ reply?

Yes, thx a lot Paul… There could be little search bar for hand searching in hands section :). Didn’t really know how to see the hand before this even when i knew the number.

Yes, its a minor bug, but its still very confusing when you can’t play the hand it is supposed to… David had small blind and still he acted last? Just wanted to report this because i found it confusing and i want rp to be better place to play :). (And learned how to watch particular hands ^^)

Hi Sep I worked out the hands, can you look into it and comment it to see if i’m right? And reply me? Than i can send it to the staff. I send it to your message box.

Greetings Happiness.

Happiness suggested we use the search for friends to also search for hands, and I think that’s a great idea. We’ll add it to the new site shortly. Should make it much easier for players to check a hand id.

Sounds great thx Paul

I’m pleased to report that today we finally fixed the issues with the blinds - thanks separi for reporting.