So, why doesn't the dealer button progress correctly, as per the rules of Texas Hold 'em?

Let’s say “Art” is on the button, “Bob” is the small blind, “Don” is the big blind and “Eve” is under the gun. There is an empty seat between Bob and Don which gets filled by “Cam” during the hand. Naturally, in regard to the following hand, Art should now be in the cut-off, Bob should be on the button, Cam should sit out and await the cut off, Don should be the small blind and Eve should be the big blind. Why is this not the case on this website? Why is Don forced to pay 2 consecutive big blinds? Why is Cam subjected to a small blind, then awarded a button on the following hand? Is this due to inefficient software, lack of proper knowledge, or some other reason?

This bug is known, the tech-team was working on it, unfortunately there were a few other projects / bugs which are more important to solve. As soon as that is finished they start working on this case again.

Thank for your patience. Greetings Happiness.

Sorry for the delay in replying mmmboogabooga, as Happiness said, we have a known bug that should be fixed shortly. Just recently we’ve had some other issues that took precedence but this issue regarding who pays the blinds is top of the list now and should be tackled in the next week or two max. Thanks for reporting it though, even if we’re aware of an issue, players vocalising about a particular problem always helps to shine more attention on it.