Betting a large amount of chips prior to flop on 100/200 table

Has anyone been on a table when a player on that table kept betting large amounts of chips before the flop. If so, is there something that can be done to discourage that? It makes for a very lousy experience, especially if you don’t have many chips to start with.


I don’t think anyone can do anything about that since they probably feel they’re free chips. It’s definitely a playing style on Replay. I agree with you that it takes the fun out of playing poker.

But, when they do it say 5 times in a row or so, what are the odds they have a good hand?


You are right. It does take the fun out of playing poker. That you for your feedback.


Happens all the time here, because it’s free and doesn’t cost you anything to do and doesn’t hurt when you lose. You can’t eliminate it, since it’s No Limit Holdem, and there’s no rule that says that people can’t do it. Play somewhere where you use real money, and you’ll see it much less after you’ve moved up to at least 25NL. The only thing I can think to do here is if someone does it and loses all of their chips multiple times, they are forced to sit out for a number of days or buy their own chips. Surely someone can come up with an algorithm that can recognize the play.


Yes, you are right. It is just very annoying. I wish there was something that could be done about it, but I know there isn’t. It seems like there are a lot of players that are dealing with this. Thank you for your feedback.


The answer is not to call the pre-flop raises unless you have a hand that you are prepared to bet on pretty much any flop. Also take into account if anybody else has entered the pot as that will give you better odds. Also take into account table position. If you have a very strong hand, you could consider re-raising all in as presumably this player is a very loose opener and may well fold pre flop when he encounters resistance.


I’m a bet or fold type player… I only play pocket pair … suited ace … and suited connectors… and some times ace king. have played 175000 hands now and my fold rate is 83%… but my win rate is 15% because if i do play… i’m betting


I fell you don’t win as many hands or get more chips by calling

exactly! 3bet with a decent hand and print free worthless chips!


Cry like a baby, and call them a bingo player! They will stop instantly! My 100% Guarantee, or your money back!

fix it? play fixed limit or pot limit


Thank you for the advice.

If a player had a hand, then I don’t mind it so much. But betting high every hand pre-flop is a little excessive, and that is even when the Player has a hand or not. Thank you very much for your feedback.

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Really DogsOfWar. I have never heard that suggestion before. Thank you for your feedback.

Players do it every single hand, they think they going to flop a great hand i guess/ like you said “free chips” lol

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My response was a joke!

Complaining about players “play style” and trying to discourage it is quite ridiculous on a FREE poker site

This question seems like a bit of a joke to me! You might as well ask: “has anyone ever played ring games on RP?” Players that buy chips are more likely to make this “play” than a non buyer! You can see this same play at 1000/2000, 2000/4000 and 5000/10K too. I see some players raising 10x or bigger than the standard pre flop raise size at these stakes.

Why would you want to discourage bad players buying chips, having fun, gambling, playing badly and donating chips?

You have 2 options:

  1. Improve your skills at combating aggressive players and you will profit massive wins & also have more fun!


  1. Switch 2 lower stakes like 25/50, Limit poker or a more passive weak table.
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Yep, like u said, they are buying chips n why stop them, take their chips:).

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I encountered a child like that yesterday and just continued to fold,
, sometimes on both blinds until the clown figured no none is going to play with him. if they leave…fine if not, then I move out.

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That is exactly what I have been doing. There is nothing else that can be done I was told. Thank you for your feedback.

Many of the Youtube poker videos suggest an opening pre flop bet of 3x the small blind every time. The result is often folded hands which are what you want.