Playing poker

every single time i get my chips built back up,i get slammed by nothing but very stupid bad beats,like earlier call all the way down with k 10 made my hand 350000 this guy calls king also with a 3 an rivers a 3,anyhoo,lost 2.6 million chips,like this,this this how replay gets players to buy chips ??? make them lose all their chips,then cause them to buy them ?

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How did Replay make you lose the 2.6 millions?
From what you described, you did it all on your own :thinking:

You may want to consider what stakes you’re playing. You don’t want to risk more than 5% of your stake on any one table or game. If you had $2.6 million, the most you should be risking is $100,000 in any single tourney or ring game. That way, if you loose everything at a table, you only loose that table’s stake.

Recalculate each day what your max wager per table can be so your always playing, though at a much lower stake.

Regarding the hand. Each of you had a king paired. I’m betting the board had all high cards and you were chasing the straight. He lucked out but you both had the same odds of hitting the second pair, about 6%. So you’re in a race and got blinded by your hand. Learn and move on.

that was just a rant,no response was needed,lol


You didn’t specify :joy:


If you’re ranting and want no reply, do it in the privacy of your home. Post it and you’ll get somebody to reply. And that isn’t a bad thing. Reading the replies can help your game if you read the advice and consider its value. Even if it doesn’t help you or you prefer the snarky reply, some other player may find the gem you discarded.


LOL :slight_smile:


There are bad beats, really bad beats, and unspeakably bad beats and they are all a big part of Texas hold’em and all its variants. It is the same way on sites where you play for money, and it is the same way if you set up your home game. With me I can’t decide if I loose more from bad beats, or just bad decisions! I have more than my share of both, I can promise you that, but shake it off and do better.

Anyway try and enjoy the game and learn to laugh at the bad beats if you can. If I could learn to laugh them off without going on tilt,I would not be playing for meaningless chips, but would be playing for money. Learning to deal with the coolers is one of the most important parts of this silly game.