Is there a problem with the calculation of the chips you win in a hand? The pot is 2024 chips he raise 1001…all fold…so pot stay 2024, but he wins 3025…is that right?


the amt of pot plus his raise

Oke see this one…on table 100k , you raise 2 milj…all fold, do you win 100k or 2.100.000??..i think you win 100k

Is this just for the purposes of what it says in the chat box? Or does this affect anywhere else on the site?

Only in chat

Thanks for the clarification, anyone else care to comment on whether they think Happiness is correct that you only win 100k if the pot is 100k, you raise a million and everyone folds as in her example above? We can then update the chat window.

I like the way it currently works, because the chips informed are the overall chips being paid to the winner, not the chips being paid subtracted by the chips he bet so far. Say the preflop has the user bet 100k (2 players, pot of 200k). Then, on flop the other user folds directly without checking/betting. the message should be ‘user wins 200k chips’. The fact that he bet 100k and won 200k, with a net +100k, shouldn’t depend on which round the bet happened. It just says ‘User wins the pot. the pot size is X chips’. And the amount raised is, in this case, part of the pot, even if all other players fold directly afterwards.

We’ve now changed it so that if a player bets or raises and everyone folds, then they know win the pot MINUS their bet.

This is now live!

I read thrue the old threads, find this. I got one idea addition to this. Why not the winner have a little “up 000” in nett, compared with the start chips. I can see optional, and may optional show for all, show just for yourself, not show at all.

Even the loss, same system.