Barnyard Muckers League

great heads up between Muck U and Howlers…the toss went to MUCK U for first and Howlers 2nd with Maniac Muckers having to settle for 3rd but a great game was played by all!!!1

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For the final game of this quarter, i’ve got to say this was a hard fought game. Everyone played great…the victory went to Maniac Muckers with Howlers in second place and Barn Burners in 3rd. These particular teams are high on my list for victory in the next quarter!!Great Job everyone Hope to see you next Saturday at the ALL MUCKER PKO

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Is there a game this week? The page shows two games in each time slot (A1, A2, B1, B2,etc but noone has registered? Do see the PKO in muck-in

as you have probably figured out by now there were no games this week…just the all Muckers PKO. It is the end of the quarter. Games will begin this week for the new quarter…starting with Thursday at 7:00 EST. Your captain should have explained this to you. Sorry. We look forward to playing with you in the new quarter, SWMBA…what form of business did you go into?


I help keep the lights on.

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Welcome to the 2nd Quarter and Welcome to all the new faces!!
Great game was played by all but the Shameless team was not to be denied Congratulations for First Place victory…close behind was the Mucker Luckers and settleing for 3rd was the reigning Champs…DESPERADOS!
Can’t wait for tomorrows’s match

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this should be the right one you can all see…sorry

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Congratulations Howlers starting off just where you left off last quarter…Maniac Muckers played a mighty game but had to settle for 2nd and MUCK U in 3rd. the battle lines are drawn,tune in tomorrow to see if this trend continues

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Great way to start off a new quarter…three hotly contested games. Cobra Chickens resumed their old form and swept in and flew off with first place with the MUCK U team is hot pursuit in 2nd and not far off Barnburners in third. Super game kids!! its good to be back


Great game congratulations Shameless first place …close on your heels DESPERADOS and hanging in there was Maniac Muckers

SHOOT OUT AT THE OK CORRAL…Chickens came guns drawn and captured first place…Shameless ran out of bullets but tried some pistol whipping for 2nd…DESPERADOS tried hiding behind the water trough and hung on for 3rd…Next time we bring the double bullet belt!!
great game everyone played well!

WHAT A GAME!!! i counted at least 10 lead changes and the final 3 heads up was one of the best ive seen …The Final Straw emerged victorious with Maniac Muckers reluctantly settling for 2nd and the Howlers growling in 3rd. Great Game all.
if you look at the leaderboard??? you will see top 5 teams are separated by a mere 6 points…