Replay Team Championship - WINNERS!

There have already been some cheers over in the Team Chat thread, but I wanted to give a special shout out to the winners of the first ever Replay Team Championship … Ralphies Crew!

The squirrel’s friends, @thomas4126, @1texaslea, and @hunter1111, beat out some serious competition to take the top spot.

When I reached out to @thomas4126, the team captain, I asked what skills they’d use to win, and his answer was, “Skills? What skills? Just having some fun, no skills needed! LOL.” Guess it’s the carefree attitude with no expectations that got them to first place. :wink:

WELL DONE, Crew! And to all of our other finalists who did incredible work to make it to the last table! That’s Dusters, Molon Labe, The Untouchables, ATeam, and Two Roses and One Lucky Guy.

GoldenDonkey will be arranging prizes, but in the meantime, I wanted to say thanks to everyone for participating. We really appreciate how much people got into the spirit of the competition (the team graphics were my favorite part), as well as your patience throughout this first endeavor. Thanks for taking the time to give us feedback along the way, and it will be helpful for any events in the future. :slight_smile:

:confetti_ball: :chipmunk:


me and my team must thank everyone who put this trny together-
it was alot of fun-
as for our team-great job-
but without hunter on our team=we would not have been in the final-
he really held our team together-our vets are the best-
i asked at a table the last day of sign up–if anyone wanted to join me and tex–
hunter jumped on it–and the rest is history–lol
as for skill-only hunter had skill–ralphie and tex took the ride-
thanks to all who played it was a great competition-

ralphies secretary


congratz to the winners, well done :facepunch:t2:
also gratz to the other finalists :+1:t2:


Congrats to you tom, and tex and hunter. Well done my friends. Cheers.


Thanks to every one who played in the event. Well organized and a very strong field. As for our team we were very lucky. It was a team win with Tex (texaslea) getting us to the final round and our team Captain (thomas4126) with a great win on the final table. A lot of fun but also very nerve wracking and a couple glasses of wine. Hope we can do this again thanks.

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Congrats to the winners, well done :slight_smile: