Barnyard Muckers League

Hello everyone. This is a new forum for the Barnyard Muckers League. You will be able to read all about League news, standings, and updates here.

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Since we’ve got a new forum I’ll bring forward the links to the files.

First, for Historical purposes, here is the link to the completed results from LAST QUARTER’S inaugural competition:

And here is the link to THIS quarter’s ongoing competion updated through yesterday’s contest


Thank you Dorkupine.

Update through Saturday 12/5

For the 2nd Saturday in a row the player from the Barnyard Tramps knocked off sugarblossom from Two Mares and an Old Donk to win the final tournament of the week. This time the honor goes to snowman who gets his first victory. Must be positive karma for setting up the new forum!

After finishing in the top two spots again, the Tramps and 2 Mares & a Donk are starting to separate from the field. It’s going to take a significant run over the final two weeks for one of the other teams to make up the difference.

In the individual scoring, sugarblossom (three victories and four 2nd place finishes), has overcome the fact that she did not play in week 3 to take a 1 point lead over SarahFra (who has four victories of her own). This race looks like it could go down to the wire.

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Thanks, so much, Dorkupine for doing all the scoring (and Norris for helping) - it is greatly appreciated. Reminder: There will be no mucker games over Christmas week. We start fresh 1/1/21 - so there is time to make some rule changes if people wish. Let me or John know if you have suggestions. Pris

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Results from Thursday, Dec 10

Congratulations to SarahFra who won her 2nd straight tournament and fifth victory of the season to extend the overall points lead for the Barnyard Tramps. She outlasted off Husky11 of the LSOBs.


Update through Friday, Dec 11

Coming out of the break, RJStanchfield had a big lead over two other competitors and dispatched Alex1963 and then Galak in short order to take down his third tournament of the quarter for The Mighty Scratchy Cats.

Scores entered through the end of Week 11, Saturday Dec. 12

Congrats to boyd2 of the LSOBs for winning today’s tournament over BeeSlick. It was boyd2’s first victory of the quarter after finishing as the runner-up four times.

With the league taking a hiatus over the upcoming Xmas holiday, there is only one week left to go in this quarter’s competition. Heading into this final week, the Barnyard Tramps lead Two Mares and an Old Donk by 11 points, which is definitely a sizeable lead, but still possibly within reach. The Shady Sharks are still mathematically in reach, but realistically it’s down to the top two teams

Individually, SarahFrah holds a 5 point lead over sugarblossom for the top scorer of the quarter.

Good luck to all in the final round of contests!

Results from Thursday and Friday have been posted

The Mighty Scratchy Cats are on a roll in the final week of this quarter’s competition. Our fearless leader MCcats won Thursday’s tournament and RJStanchfield managed to follow that up on Friday by Scratching out a victory for the second week in a row.

In the overall team standings, The first place Barnyard Tramps have struggled in both tournaments this week which has allowed Two Mares and an Old Donk to cut the lead by 4 points in each contest. Now, only 3 points separates the two teams so the crown is still up for grabs.

In the individual standings, sugarblossom made up the 5 point deficit to end the season in a tie for top overall score with SarahFra. (No one else is within reach of them for the top spot)

CONGRATS Barnyard Tramps winning the Barnyard Muckers’ Championship, job well done !!!



congrats Tramps…good job!! see you in 2021…and watch out…we are planning on winning!!


Final scores for the quarter have been posted

LadyCon left no doubt for the Barnyard Tramps, winning the final contest of the quarter to seal the 2020 Q4 victory, pulling comfortably away from Two Mares and an old Donk. The Mighty Scratchy Cats used a big final week to take over third place.

Congrats to all and best of luck next quarter


thank you Dorkupine

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Thank you all :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:. A special thank you to @MCcats and @12beat22 for creating this fun league and to @Dorkupine for doing the scores :heart:


Thank you all for a wonderful year! It has been great fun and we look forward to resuming in January. There will be a few changes, and John and I are happy to discuss any suggestions you have to make the League better - so let us know by the end of the month. Dorkupine - many, many thaks for all you do. Happy holidays to all! Muck on! See you in January!

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Greetings Muckers! Please note the following for 1/1/21. We would LOVE to get 1-2 more teams up and running. Let me know if you would like to be a sub or start or join a team.

  1. We will be revising the scoring system to reward the top 3 finishers more. (Whatever we adopt will last for the quarter but can then be reviewed again.)

  2. We will be changing the blind structure to make the games last longer - but not longer than 2 hours. Many people want a better, less random game. RP is reviewing some recommendations. However, as games start at 2:30 p.m. on Saturday and the League Challenge starts at 4:00 p.m., some teams will possibly have to make accommodations. Alternatively, we can start the Muckers game at 2:00 p.m. PLEASE GET BACK TO ME WITH ANY THOUGHTS. (Also, note you can now register for the League Challenge much earlier in case you think you may be late).

  3. Any team that loses a member or sub may replace that person at any time during the quarter - and as often as necessary to remain at full strength.

  4. We are proposing a system of roving subs for this quarter to allow current subs who would like to form a team to do so.
    Nicasurf from Jean’s team is forming his own team (Howlers) and has Wolfie but may need an extra player. Please let me know if your sub would like to create/join a team or play just for you.

Let me know of any additional suggestions, etc. We start Thursday at 7 p.m. Pris

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Welcome to the third season of the Barnyard Muckers league. The first tournament of the quarter is in the books and there is already a shakeup from last quarter. The new folks are making their presence felt from the very beginning as @Nicasurf earns the first victory of the season for the newest team - the Howlers, while @SarahFra - last quarter’s co-highest scorer from the defending champion Barnyard Tramps - was the first player eliminated.

Please note that there was a bit of a mix up with one team having two entrants, but one of the players went into post-and-fold right away so no penalty is enforced and scores are adjusted to remove the extra player from the results.

Since this is a new file for the new quarter, please let me know if you have any issues opening or reading the standings spreadsheet.

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Friday Results Posted

The Barnyard Tramps apparently didn’t appreciate me calling them out after last night’s contest because they responded like champions and jumped right back into the thick of things as _snowman_ took the 2nd contest of the new quarter, outlasting @crosby63 of Pigs in Muck.

(I can’t figure out how to create an @ link for ‘snowman’ because it keeps treating the underscores as formatting :angry: )

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