Hi all, a strange thing: yesterday (+/- 11pm european time) i sow in the Mtt lobby a tournament, it was a 10max 1000 buy-inn. I noticed it because i usually see only 9 max (or less sits)… Let’s get to the point: i refreshed the page for other reasons and the tournament was disappeared: it wasn’t in the lobby, in the active tournaments and in the others available categories. I have see in the today schedule and it isn’t… ?! (it was a orange-named tournament and the name started with a T, was a word with few letters).

Anyone knows this tournament?

Sounds like the Rounders league tourneys. 10 seat tables, 1k buy in.
Might have said Team Rounders.

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the barnyard muckers league is also a 10-seater

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Mmh, maybe was a bug and i sow a League tournament in the schedule… Can be it

Only a member in the League can see that tournament… No?